Is MBA necessary to be successful in business?

MBA Degree


Education is not a key to success all the time but great ideas are. Having great ideas can separate people from the rest of the world.

Management education is an academic discipline by which students are taught to be great business leaders, managers, etc in business education.

In the present scenario, with every student planning to get into an MBA, people have started believing that an MBA is necessary to succeed in business. But is it necessary to have an MBA background to be a business success?

What is an MBA?

MBA is a business master's program. Although it is known as a program that enables students in the field of business to improve themselves in this field and become more competent in the business world, students who have received education in other fields can also participate in this program.

 These programs, which offer the opportunity to stay one step ahead of their competitors, are offered for 1 or 2 years, especially for students who have graduated from departments such as engineering and want to pursue a master's degree in business administration.

What can you do with an MBA?

The question must be asked: is pursuing an MBA program a good choice? Overall, is an MBA worth it? The best people to interview are those who have completed one.

 When asked former full-time MBA students about the value of business school, the vast majority viewed their degree personally (95%), professionally (91%), and financially (79%) as rewarding.

An MBA will provide you with a high salary after graduation, help you land a managerial position, and develop a strong professional network. You will learn strategic thinking. You will become a better communicator with your colleagues, your boss, and your team. 

You will have better control over difficult situations, such as a financial crisis. You can even become your own boss - these are just a few of the benefits of studying for an MBA abroad.

Yes – MBA Is Necessary.

1. Management of two Ps.

 MBA is important because every successful businessman in the country should manage both the product and people in an efficient manner. People who do not possess any managerial skills should take up an MBA course to improve their knowledge of management.

2. Essential ingredient.

 Management education is necessary because management is considered to be the backbone of a business. To generate a creative idea, managerial skills are important. These skills can be imparted only while pursuing an MBA course. Today, most companies have people with an MBA background.

3. Inculcates professionalism.

 Management education or MBA is necessary as it inculcates professionalism within an employee. Having an MBA degree helps an employee to not only gain experience but also to complete the work efficiently, without making many mistakes. 

They learn to manage the business with theoretical and practical knowledge. It trains you to excel in business without much loss.

4. Good job opportunity.

The more education you have, the better career opportunities you meet. Having an MBA degree provides various good job opportunities for an employee. Most large business firms, hire people who have a strong background in MBA. 

Having a master's degree in business administration leads to successful career paths.

5. Decision process.

The MBA course trains a person to take a decision after considering all the factors. Having an MBA degree is an added advantage to the professionals as they can make the decision faster.

6. Learn to manage.

The MBA aims to train future managers, efficient in their daily work. To make them strategists, he focuses his training on the acquisition, by the participants, of a transversal vision of the functions of the company:

 marketing, logistics, human resources management, finance, accounting, etc.

The diversity of the disciplines taught aims to make the future manager operational whatever the management problem to be solved.

 With this in mind, the courses are also inspired by very concrete situations, directly from the business world: conducting meetings, leading teams, managing conflicts, etc.

To learn how to make the right decisions in complex situations, students must very quickly place themselves in the shoes of the Consultant or the Company Manager: practical cases are gathering when they do not constitute the entire course.

7. Acquire a double skill.

The MBA strategy is particularly profitable for people from technical fields far removed from management and corporate management: engineers, doctors, lawyers, biologists, etc., can thus acquire new skills, more generalist, allowing them to progress in the company and to occupy previously inaccessible positions. This dual skill is, at present, in great demand.

On the other hand, some believe that a graduate of a Business School would not necessarily gain by investing in an MBA. 

Especially a generalist: his studies would have, in essence, already enabled him to acquire the essential concepts necessary for management. business. A specialized MBA could, however, open new doors.

8. Develop your sense of teamwork.

According to the students, the MBA allows them to gain maturity and confidence, in particular, because it involves a lot of teamwork: speaking in public becomes essential. You have to constantly compare your point of view with that of the other members of the team, discuss it, defend it. 

Sometimes to get it adopted, but often to adapt or modify it. We no longer move alone but we must take into account a set of personalities and ways of seeing things, as will be the case later in business!

9. Boost your career.

Changing industry, gaining flexibility in the labor market, giving new purpose to one's career, aiming for a reorientation towards positions previously inaccessible due to lack of skills: these are the main motivations of participants in MBA programs.

Because if it has evolved a lot since its creation, the MBA has retained its vocation as a career accelerator: it allows you to open the doors of certain prestigious companies, to be entrusted with strategic missions, to access positions at responsibility.

 For many, it remains the diploma for future executives.

10. Acquire an international profile.

The MBA is a real passport to a career abroad. Students and professors of various nationalities come together there, bringing a real cultural mix and an international dimension to the campus itself. Most of the courses, in France, America, Germany, and abroad, are given in English.

Semesters abroad are also often part of the curriculum. The students resulting from these courses thus show a very particular capacity to work in a multicultural team… which interests, it goes without saying, many employers.

11. Increase your salary.

The force of the war! An MBA graduate would earn between € 60,000 and € 80,000 gross per year, or around 30% more than without this degree. But these figures must be put into perspective: in reality, the more the school is listed, the more the salary increases. However, not everyone can leave INSEAD.

12. Develop your network of contacts.

In MBA, an address book can quickly grow: the other participants, of course, will be part of it. But also some recruiters canvassing directly on campus or people met at various events.

Let's not forget access to the alumni network, which is often very profitable for those who know how to use it! Some even go so far as to say - and we no longer know if this is a joke - that, if the tuition fees are so high in MBA, it is because we would pay for this access. to the School's network.

13. A more complete vision of the business market.

One of the misconceptions among people is that you can naturally run an engineering company if you are a good engineer. This misconception causes many new companies to fail in the market even though innovative products are based on solid technology. 

Management is knowledge, and the volatile and competitive situation in the business market in recent years indicates the need for a holistic view of management for all business owners. 

Obtaining an MBA by going through case studies and learning skills like strategic planning, leadership, management, market knowledge, planning, etc. can give you a more complete understanding of how businesses work and of their management.

Developing systems thinking and strategic planning skills, and preparing a business plan, which is one of the foundations of an MBA, is necessary to successfully launch a startup or grow a business.

No – MBA Is Not Necessary.

1. Need skills, not degree.

To become a successful businessman, a person needs skills rather than a degree. He should possess qualities such as good communication skills, sincerity, and good leadership. 

He/she should have an inner ability, clear goals, a strong confidence level, and concurrent thoughts. Instilling these skills within oneself is the best way to succeed in this field.

2. Practical Knowledge.

 Management is not about having bookish knowledge but about having practical knowledge and how to apply it in our day-to-day work. It is all about managing ourselves in front of others. Thus, you do not have to waste money to get an MBA degree.

3. Proven in history.

 History proves that management education or MBA is not necessary to be successful in business. Michael Dell, the founder of Dell, did not have an MBA degree, yet he succeeded due to his great business instincts.

 People like Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, etc became business tycoons without going through management education.

The Average Salary Of An MBA Graduate.

When it comes to MBA salaries, you might be wondering how much difference do MBAs make?

MBA salaries are some of the highest in the job market, and you must be curious about how much do MBA graduates earn? One of the benefits of an MBA is having a higher salary.

 Here the difference is clear. By using the QS Jobs & Salary Report, you can estimate how much an MBA increases your salary. Here are some of the average annual MBA salaries around the world:

Switzerland -                     US $ 123,500 / year.

United States -                   US $ 102,100 / year.

Canada -                             US $ 99,800 / year.

France -                              US $ 98,500 / year.

Australia -                          US $ 98,400 / year.

UK -                                   US $ 92,400 / year.

Germany -                          77,200 USD / year

The Cost Of An MBA.

There are no two ways to do it: an MBA is a costly investment. Considering the salary opportunities, however, this is an investment with a good return.

 But how much does an MBA cost in different countries? Here is the list of average tuition fees per year in the world:

Country                    One-year tuition fee (USD / year)

Germany                   10,050 - 27,830

UK                            15,070 - 34,800

Netherlands            15 125 - 24 080

Canada                    18 840 - 42 755

France                    19 360 - 38 115

United States            19,400 - 44,100

Italy                            21 780 - 42 350

Australia                    22,450 - 44,000

Switzerland            28,000 - 45,650

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