What is the cheapest most profitable business to start?

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5 business ideas earned millions annually at a low cost.

1. Business candle.
candle business Ideas
Candle Business
Dimple Kapadia is a very big source of his earnings in today's date. Where do his candle business associates get ingredients in candle business? The ingredients that are used are locally available. Where can I get his coaching? Suppose you don't know that there are thousands of videos on YouTube. From where you can learn how to make candles, how much is the cost, you can start a business by taking a few thousand rupees of goods, the future of the business will always remain as long as the person keeps on celebrating the candle will continue to sell, even when people die there. If the market is hot then this business will never face a crisis, do you want a big place or not, you can do it in your home too. The company named Kosi Candle started its business with just 5000 and today it earns 6500000 annually. Model and most important is the business of cash and it is needed in every household, whether you are a woman or a man, anyone can start this business.

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2. Homemade Chocolate & Cake Business.
 Start Your Own Cake Business:
Cake and Chocolate Business
To start the business of Homemade Chocolate and Cake, you will have to bring the same amount of ingredients, you will get a small micrometer and small tools. 5000 will have all your goods. The ingredients are all available locally, who will teach you for free from YouTube. How is the future, as long as the celebrations continue, the cake will continue to be sold, chocolate is a year-long business, if someone wants to gift anywhere, then chocolate can be gifted, what can be unique, customization can be put on someone's chocolate as much as you. You can customize as much as your business will grow, customize create a brand value you can earn as much as you wish, take your business seriously so that you can do your big business?

3. Health Organic Juices & Sprouts.
 Fruit JuiceBusiness
Juice Business
In Bangalore, a man named Savad opened a company called Juice Maker with two friends. Today he has 15 to 20 staff and big corporates are on his subscription where an old lady supplies his juice every day in the park. It fires and there are hundreds of its customers, and how many people carry juices in their homes, its ingredients are available locally, how much is the cost? At the very least, you have to take a maximum of two-three days and a juice mixer is needed by the staff. If needed, you can start it alone or what is the future of business. Super Bright In today's time, the person is afraid of his health and the organic market is going big. Businesses like this, Business Futuristic, Glamorous, Modern, Social Service, and runs 365 days - like health awareness will increase - how the business will grow.

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4. Pickles Business.
How To Start A Pickle Business
Pickle Business
Pickle is a very profitable business. Its ingredients are available in Locally and there is no need to learn it because every house has a specialist available. Every type of pickle is available in the Modern World Future of a pickle. How will pickle continue as long as we eat?

Delivery Model.
. Home Subscription. Make it available in stores
. Make your own small store

Amazing Things.
. Chances of scale-up
. product Variety
. Different Packaging
. Big Brand
.Generate Employment.

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