5 reasons why Amazon is the Best company?

Jeff Bezos (CEO Amazon) explains his business model to ...
Why Amazon is the World's Best Company.

. Do you know why Amazon is the world's best company?
. Why it is the most valuable company.
. Why it is the fastest-growing company?

So, lets read these articles and know about the world's best company.

1. Jeff Bezos is the world's best CEOs: Jeff Bezos is the world's first centi-billionaire person. He is not only the richest man in the world but he also makes Amazon the first most valuable company in the world. He is a focus to solve the problem of the customer. Bezos said that "Customer is the king and I am the servant" He get this success by taking the risk in the age of 30 years old. If you want to become a successful person then be patient and focus on your goal like Jeff Bezos.

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2. Innovation: Jeff Bezos build a culture of innovation by using the latest technology resources to help customers, employees, and Society. He thought that what product and service be built that customer needs today and in the future. Bezos himself would argue that the main reason why Amazon is so successful the reason is that they have a culture of innovation that allowed the employees to create without fear of failure. He says that failure should be embraced because it is only a way to ensure that you are continually trying new things and striving for success.

3. 80% Product & 20% Promotion: Jeff Bezos said that don't focus on the promotion, focus on building a great product. if the experience of the product is good then the customer will return back and he took 4 more people for purchasing the product. if you focus on the promotion then the customer will come once if the experience is not good, they will not come back and will not let anyone come.

" The combination of both, good promotion and bad product can never last long."

" Good product and weak promotion too will take some time but will spread all over the world."


4. Long Term vision: when people started investing in amazon. people used to aks from jeff when profit will come. He said that my vision is not only for the short term. it is the long term vision for the profit. Bezos is not focused on the day-to-day profit, he focused on the present to make a great company that is actually living in the future.

Jeff Bezos says that: 
"Our vision is to use this platform to builds earth's most Customers centric company.
A place where customers can come to find and discover Anything and Everything they might want to buy online."

5. Best Customers Services: Amazon provides the best service to the customer. If a person buys a product from Amazon, then its product comes to him in 1 or 2 days and it is very famous for same-day delivery also, if you accidentally get a damaged product, then there is a return facility in it. that why people like its service.

Social media is another powerful tool that amazon employees engage with shopkeepers and enhance the quality of its customer service. Social media channel can help your e-commerce business address customer concerns and build a solid foundation of loyal and passionate followers advocate your brand

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