Apple Launch A Search Engine Against Google.

Apple Prepares To Launch Its Search Engine Against Google.

The market capitalization of the giant technology company Apple Inc. has reached two trillion dollars, (about 150 lack crores). It is the first US company to achieve this position. The company had achieved a market value of one trillion dollars in two years ago. Apple's stock reached $ 467.77 during trading on Nasdaq on Wednesday morning, with the company's capitalization reaching $ 2 trillion.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs in 1976 to sell personal computers and now has a market capitalization of two trillion dollars. This amount is slightly more than half of America's last year's tax collection. Speaking of the world, Apple is the first company to achieve a market cap of two trillion dollars.

Apple May Launch Its Search Engine:

There was a time when Google search engines were getting challenged by Yahoo and Bing, but they could not stand much in front of Google. Now once again the Google search engine can be challenged because according to reports, the American company Apple can launch its search engine.

According to a report by the tech website Coywolf, Apple is set to launch its search engine. According to this report, Apple is hiring engineers for its Spotlight search engine. Spotlight is an important search feature in Mac OS where you can search contacts from your MacBook to the web.

Apple has bypassed Google search in its new iOS 14 version. The appointments Apple is going to make for search engines include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Every year Google gives Apple millions of rupees to keep Google, the default search engine in iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS. Now, this deal may be over soon. According to a report by CoyWolf, the UK Competition and Market Authority report said that Apple's market share is very high in the world. In such a situation, the authority believes that since Google search is the default, other search engines do not get a chance to enter mobile phones. Apple is now preparing the search engine and will use it as an alternative to Google in its device. After this, it can be launched for the public.

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