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Fast sports bikes in India
Fast Speed Sports Bikes less than one lacks price, then these 4 motorcycles may be the best option; Speed catches 100kmph in 14 seconds.

After the introduction of the new emission norms, motorcycle prices in the Indian market have risen sharply. Previously the bikes which were available in the price band of less than one lakh rupees, now they have reached the price band within one and a half lakh or one and a half lakhs. On the one hand, due to the Corona crisis, people are giving priority to their own vehicle, on the other hand, the rising price of motorcycle has put people in trouble. In such a situation, if you are looking for a high speed bike and there are confusions among many models in the market, then we have prepared a list of four bikes, which are available for less than one lakh price and are also fast speed.

1. Bajaj Pulsar 150 Standard (Bajaj Pulsar 150)
    Starting price: 91 thousand rupees.
Pulsar 150 cc

Pulsar is quite popular among the youth, due to its stylish look and powerful engine. The 150cc Pulsar is powered by a 149cc four-stroke, 2-valve, twin Spark BS6 engine that generates 13 hp and 13.25 Nm of torque.
According to reports, it gets a top speed of up to 115 kmph. It takes 17 seconds to reach a speed of 0–100 kmph. Its neon variant is 91 thousand rupees and the standard variant is 98 thousand rupees. Up to 1 lakh 1 thousand rupees will have to be spent for the twin disc model.

2. Honda CB Unicorn 160 (BS6 Honda CB Unicorn 160)
    Price: 94 thousand rupees.
Honda CB Unicorn 160

In 2004, Honda entered the motorcycle segment of India along with CB Unicorn. Due to its design, power and smooth riding, it is still very popular among the youth. The current model of the bike has a BS 6 compliant 162.7 cc engine that generates an engine output of 12 PS and 14 Nm. According to the reports, it gets a top speed of 106 kmph and it takes just 16 seconds to reach the speed of 0-100 kmph.

3. TVS Apache RTR 160 (TVS Apache RTR 160)
    Starting price: 98 thousand rupees.
TVS Apache RTR 160

TVS Apache is one of the company's best selling motorcycles and has been in the market for a long time. The Apache RTR 160 uses BS6 race tuned fuel-injection (RT-Fi) technology. This intelligent system optimizes the engine so that the rider can get the best performance in any race condition.
The bike is powered by a 159 cc four-stroke, singer-cooled engine that generates 15.31 hp and 13.9 Nm of power output, paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox. According to the report, it gets a top speed of up to 118 kmph. It takes 15 seconds to reach a speed of 0–100 kmph. Its front disc variant costs Rs 98 thousand, while the rear disc model will cost up to Rs 1 lakh 1 thousand.

4. Hero Xtreme 160R BS6
Starting price: 99 thousand rupees.
Hero Xtreme 160R BS6

The company recently launched the BS6 model of Hero Extreme with a new look. The bike has a 163 cc engine that produces a maximum of 15 hp and 14 Nm of engine output. According to reports, it gets a top speed of up to 115 kmph. It takes just 14 seconds to reach a speed of 0–100 kmph. Its front disc variant is priced at Rs 99 950 while the double disc variant costs up to Rs 1 lakh 3 thousand.

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