Pulse Candy Success Story, Company Earning Rs 1 to 300 crores.

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Pulse Candy Success Story, Company Earning Rs 1 to 300 crores.

The foundation of the "DS Group" company that manufactures Mango Flavor Pulse candy as candy was laid in 1929. DS Group was planning to bring such a candy in India which should be eaten by all the lovers.

 For your information, let me tell you that in the candy market of India, many big brands had brought many types of candy in their different flavors.

 This company did research on the Indian market and according to the research results, it was found that Indian people mostly like to eat things made from mango and raw mangoes, besides the candy market made of mango in the candy market. Is also 50%. 

After seeing the results of this research, the DS Group company thought of doing something different in the Indian candy market.

1. They got Unique ideas from Indian people.

According to the market research team of DS Group, Indian people like to eat raw mangoes and also use spices on raw mangoes. Due to which its taste becomes quite sour-sweet. The company liked this idea very much and thought of trying this idea on their new candy. 

He added a special spice to the inside of his candy keeping in mind the Indian test. Due to which the person eating the candy first gets a test of raw mango then the test of the spice placed in the middle of the candy starts slowly, due to which the taste of the candy also increases gradually.

2. The Experiment of the Company was Successful.

The first trial of this candy was done by DS Group in February 2015 in one of the Indian states of Gujarat. Gujarati people liked the taste of this candy so much that its demand kept increasing day by day.

 Most of the people started buying only a full box of candy, due to which the supply of the company started to fall, as well as some fake companies started removing its duplicates. 

The company soon tied up with several other manufacturing units to cater to the growing demand and also started supplying it across India. D.S Many of the group's big products were already in the market, whose marketing team, the distributor team had its hold all over India. Pulse Candy has not had any problem in reaching the Indian market through all those teams.

3. Publicity.

The success of this candy was that while companies had to resort to publicity after launching any new product in the market, the company did not have to pay any kind of advertisement, in the beginning, to make this candy accessible to the people. 

The company tells about Pulse Candy that while people know or buy any product by its brand name, people were buying it by taste rather than the company's brand name. People themselves are telling each other whether they are friends or relatives about candy.

 According to the company, perhaps for the first time in the history of any candy, the candy was promoted by the customers themselves.

4. Pulse became the market's number one candy.

Pulse Candy crowned Number One Candy in the Indian market for 3 consecutive years. While it took years for Parle, ITC, and Perfetti's candies to stable in the Indian market, Pulse took the number one candy crown from them in no time. Before the arrival of Pulse, Italian company Alpenlibe was also well-liked by the Indian market but in no time Pulse also left no stone unturned to make the Indian people crazy.

5. Hit even after the introduction of fake candy-like pulse in the market.

In view of the increasing demand for Pulse in the market, many fraudulent companies also launched fake candy with a similar name to this candy, but all of them flopped because none of the pulse-like candy had any taste. So the fans of Pulse rejected all those candies directly. 

In the Indian market even today, many companies keep trying to copy Pulse, but the person who once tested Pulse Candy would hardly like any candy-like Pulse.

6. Research behind the green-black wrapper.

The wrapper of this candy was launched in green-black color after much research and consideration of the packing of this candy to make a distinct identity in the candy market and to attract people to pulse candy, Which is able to attract people from far away compared to the color of other candy wrappers.

 This research of the company was also very successful. Being an attractive wrapper, she seemed to be different in all the candies as well as the test of that candy had also reached the people's tongue.

7. Pulse Candy's increasing demand.

Pulse candy was liked by people only because of its delicious flavors. Along with the company's demand, production was increased at an equally rapid pace. In today's time, the taste of this candy has dominated the tongue from children to old age. After seeing the tremendous success of this candy, Pulse candy has really become the pulse of India.

After the introduction of Pulse in Gujarat, the company began to find it impossible to fulfill the demand of Pulse, because the stock of Pulse was running over the night, it started selling more than what was not produced.

You can guess from this that many shopkeepers started selling whole cans of pulse candy for more than the price. The D.S Group company probably had no idea of ​​this. Seeing this demand, he immediately fulfilled the demand by joining production units of other companies with some agreements and started Pulse Candy all over India. 

Pulse candy had an annual production of 1250 tonnes in 2016. Along with fulfilling the demand, the company also launched many other flavors of Pulse Candy. The company has made a turnover of more than 300 crores today with a rupee of 1 rupee. Which shows its success.

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