Double Your Sales During Covid-19 Crises.

Double Your Sales During Covid-19 Crises.

Double Your Sales During Corona Crises.

When we start any business, our first goal is to get more and more subscriptions. But the covid-19 epidemic has strike the market. Due to lockdown and social distancing, customers are leaving very few homes. Now if not only the customers come to the shop, how will you sell your product and to whom? How will sales increase then? In fact, this is the time of greatest challenge for a businessman.

There is a need to act with control and understanding rather than being afraid or afraid of challenges. Because these challenges will find new paths for you. Let us know how to brighten the business and increase sales or subscriptions in this crisis?

1. Secure the Income of the Employees on their Service.

Whether the business is small or big, if the workers are honest and hardworking, then the chances of business increases. Therefore, select qualified, hardworking and honest employees to increase the sales of the product. Employee should have such a strong knowledge of your product, can be able to plant it well in the customers' mind that his product is the best, cheapest and durable. Keep motivating employees to do better work. 
Give him a fixed salary and a reasonable commission per unit sold. If possible, give bonuses on the basis of sales as well, so that the employee will try to make his service more sharp to earn more, which will ultimately benefit you. On the contrary, there should also be a provision for financial punishment for the inefficient and unprofitable employee. He should be afraid that if he does not work then he can be discharged.

2. Select a Commercial Site only by Surveying.

Where are you going to start your business? This is a very important subject. You analyze so much area, check the possibilities of subscription there. Well check the product you are selling, is that area its demand and its customers? And if so, in what number? Can your workers reach them? Because the larger the number of subscriptions, the more your product will be sold. Only then you can think of expanding your product and business. If the business site is proving favorable for selling your product, then immediately try to open new branches around it. By doing this you can make a good grip on the whole market.

3. Connect with more and more customers on social media.

These days social media is proving to be a better medium of public relations. If the customers are not able to reach you then you reach them. Social media can prove to be very effective for you in this direction. You start an internet site. Create a WhatsApp group and make the maximum information of your product available to them. If possible, invite some professionals. You can also sell your product through door-to-door service.

4. Understand Customer Needs.

The basic value of any business is to what extent you have been successful in understanding the pulse of customers. You have to listen politely and accept customer demand, complaint and suggestion. They will have to supply according to their demand. Their faith and love have to be won. For this, you have to work with patience and patience. Always be creative in your sales and marketing. Keep a close watch on the quality of your product, even if inadvertently, there is a defect in your product, it may affect the goodwill of you and your product. So always be alert.

5.  Be transparent and don't take advantage of the opportunity.

In this phase of lockdown, it is often seen that businessmen sell their goods at double the price in order to earn more profit. Recently, masks, sanitizers, liquid soaps, vegetables and daily use items were sold at an expensive rate. In this way you can take immediate advantage, but the day is not far when you will have lost your original customer as soon as the situation is normal. So be honest in business. Provide more and more easy conditions to the customers, win their trust and keep it intact.

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