5 Steps to Make Your Export Business Successful.

5 Steps to Make Your Export Business Successful.
5 Steps to Make Your Export Business Successful.

A large number of people in India are connected with export and import business. While many aspire to do it. This Business Policy notified by the Central Government is regulated by the Foreign Trade Policy. Export An exporter has to make a lot of preparations before starting an export business. Necessary profits can be made by becoming an exporter, but it has to go through complicated processes and competition to make its inroads.

According to the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act of the country, the meaning of export is defined as the taking out of any goods of India by land, sea or air and proper transaction of money. To succeed in the export business, every businessman should keep in mind the following points. This leaves little room for damage.

1. Order Confirmation.

Careful review should be made with regard to the item, specification, payment status, packaging, delivery schedule etc. before confirming the order. The order should be confirmed only when everything is as expected. Accordingly, the exporter can enter into a formal contract with the foreign buyer.

2. Purchase of Goods.

After the order confirmation, the exporter should take immediate steps for the purchase / manufacture of goods required for export. It should be remembered that the order has been received with much effort and competition, so the purchase should be completely according to the buyer's expectations.

3. Quality Control.

In today's competitive era, it is necessary to be aware of strict quality about export goods. It is very important to check certain products like food and agriculture, fisheries, some chemicals etc. before shipment. Foreign buyers can also set their own standards / specifications and can check the goods by their nominated agencies or insist on getting them done by you. Maintaining high quality is essential to survive in the export business.

4. Loans at Discounted Interest Rates.

Exporters are eligible to receive pre-shipment and post-shipment finance from commercial banks at discounted interest rates to complete the transaction. The new exporter is given a packing credit in advance for 180 days in the pre-shipment phase of shipment or confirmed order on LC so as to complete the work with capital requirements for purchase of raw materials / finished goods, labor expenses, packing, transportation, etc. Can. This will give you freedom from financial constraints.

5. Labeling - Packaging & Packing.

Export goods should be labeled, packaged and packaged according to the buyer's specific instructions. Good packaging of the same will always give a good price. The goods should be made attractive according to the order. Good packing helps in easy maintenance, maximum loading, reducing shipping costs and ensuring cargo safety and standard. Things like address, package number, port and destination, weight, handling instructions etc. should be well printed. So that it is easy to identify the goods and get the information related to it. Keeping these things in mind will ensure fast and efficient delivery of your product.

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