How to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing.

How to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing.
How to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate marketing in easy language means promoting the products and services of another company or brand through online marketing and generating income or a fixed rate of commission on it - in fact you can also call it another way of advertising. Is

For example -

Smith is a YouTuber and he reviews the product of X company in one of his videos and recommends to his viewers that they buy that product. For this, he gives a Unique Affiliate Link below his video. Now whenever a viewer watches the video and he likes those products and he buys them by visiting that unique link, then Smith gets a fixed rate commission for that product by that X company -  this is called Affiliate Marketing.

1. Identify Your Niche / Field.

To start Affiliate Marketing, you must first identify your blog Niche. Promote the products related to your Niche through your blog.

for example -

If you promote a Smartphone on a Health Blog, it will not give you any profit. In the same way, if you also promote a suitable product for that region through your blog, then there are more opportunities to increase your affiliate income. It has to be seen that most of your traffic comes from which region and which kind of posts attract more visitors.

2. Make your Mark in Niche.

 Review of every product that you write in your blog, it has already been written somewhere. So to make an identity in your area, you have to try something different. Therefore, proper research is very important before writing. If possible, then you start with the products that you use yourself, you will be able to tell people something useful about it. When you write unique, people will come to your blog and read it. Also, try to tell people what they want to know in interesting and simple language. Comment and get connected to social media and answer the questions coming there.

3. Search the Best Affiliate Program.

Currently, many companies run affiliate programs like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, ebay, etc. You can easily get confused in choosing one program.

To find the best Affiliate Programs for you, you need to keep a few things in mind -

How is the Reputation of Affiliate Program?

Is the quality of their product really good?

Also, how much reliability is there and how reliable is?

You should also consider Payout System, Cookie Period etc.

4. Promote Products.

After choosing the Best Affiliate Program for yourself, start promoting its products. There are many ways you can promote a product. Every person do a research before buying a product and reads its reviews on the Internet, then you should write a good review post for Promotion and place your Affiliate Link on that post. After reading the review, the chances of purchasing the product from that click increase. You can also write a Comparison Post for two similar products. Due to which they also get increased chances of getting commission.

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