10 Thousand Investment In These Shares Became 1.30 lack Rupees.

10 Thousand Investment In These Shares Became 1.30 lack Rupees.
Stock Market, 10 Thousand Investment In These Shares Became 1.30 lack Rupees, During Corona Period.


This year, affected by Corona, is coming to an end. Today was the last trading day of the market for this week. The market will now open on 28th due to Christmas tomorrow and then Saturday and Sunday. But this year went by and made the investors of the market rich. The investment of 10 thousand became 1.30 lack rupees.

Post-March Recovery.

The market started recovering since March. The Sensex has closed today with an increase of 80% in this year from the level of 25,981. The Sensex and Nifty have closed this year with a gain of over 10% since the January high. The Sensex was at 41,253 in January. It closed today at 46,973.

These Stocks Increased.

There have been 200 stocks that have increased the wealth of investors by 100%. There have also been some cheap shares in it. He also gave a good advantage. Dr. Reddys Lab's stock has given a gain of 82%. At the same time, Infosys has given 71% HCL Technology 62% and Asian Paints 48% while Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has given 34%.

7.95 Times Return.

Statistics show that the stock of Tanla platform has given 7.95 times the benefit to investors. Hathway Bhawani Cable shares have given 7.27 times while Biofil Chemicals has given a return of 12.07 times. Its share price has increased from Rs 17 to Rs 222.95. That is, the investment of 10 thousand has been made to 1.30 lack rupees.

Adani's stock also gave good returns.

Similarly, Adani Green Energy shares have given 5.27 times returns. Its Rs 200 stock is trading at over Rs 1,000 today. Adani Gas has also given good returns. Its Rs 70 share has reached Rs 360 today. That is, it has given a return of more than 5 times.

Makers Lab returns 5.27 times.

Makers Laboratories stock has given a return of 5.27 times. The Tanla platform is the second stock to have given the highest returns in 2020. It provides cloud communication service. In the last two years, it has given an advantage of more than 10 times. The stock of Alok Industries has also increased well. Apart from this, IOL Chemicals and CG Power are among the stocks that have given good returns.

These are also the returns shares.

Bharat Immunological, Venus Remedies, Vardhman Polytex, AGC Network, Standard Batteries, Aarti Drug, Gujarat Themis, Mangalam Drugs etc. have been the stocks whose returns have been good this year. Shares like SBI, Axis Bank, however, have lost investors during this period. Analysts estimate that the Nifty could touch 16,000 next year. That is, the Sensex may cross 54 thousand. In such a situation, there are also some stocks in the next year which can give a lot of benefit to investors.

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