7- Steps to Increase Sales with Zero Dollar marketing.

7- Steps to Increase Sales with Zero Dollar marketing.

How to do Zero Dollar Marketing, Easy way to Increase Sales.


Marketing is essential for any business, mainly for a start-up. But most people think about TV advertisements, signboards, giant hoardings, or newspaper ads when they listen to the word ‘marketing’.Though these marketing tools guarantee good results, it also requires large funds. But thanks to the digital revolution, with the right strategy, anyone can market their products and reach the right audience.

What to do if a customer can come to you without spending money? Is it possible Yes it is possible Today, through this post, we will talk about 7 strategies that not only enable you to do marketing for less money but you will not have to run after your customer, your customer will follow you, and If you have a start-up and want to take your products to the right audience, but have no funds, here is the solution- Zero Dollar Marketing?

What is Zero Dollar Marketing?

As the name implies, Zero dollar marketing is a marketing strategy that needs no or very minimum amount of money to market the products.

How does this strategy work?

The best way to produce optimized results is to apply zero dollar marketing strategy that follows with your brand values and voice. This strategy works by using social media platforms and making a strategy according to the customer`s behavior.

1. Create a world-class website.

If you want to do zero dollar marketing for less money, then you have to do something so that people do not have to search for you. People are looking for you to reach you, for this you need to create a website that is clean and clear and It has a WHITE background, which if the customer reaches, it does not take time to find the product, make a call to action website so that people can get information from you immediately. Such as shop NOW, CALL NOW, popup chatting, etc.

Focus on the solution of the customer, not waste time on the introduction of your product, the product has to be shown in such a way that it gets everything like a click, price, specification, navigation address, etc. Regularly update the website according to the customer's data
However, if you are not from a technology background, then you can use this job to a vendor, nowadays you can find many people who can do this work for you for less money.

2. Understand customer behavior and problem.

Pay attention to the old behavior of the customer. When a customer came to you, how did he behave on your website, how did he come to your website and what did he see from them and where did he feel that he was unable to buy the product And you can also know all this among your employees, nowadays business is becoming based on the database, so you have to look at the customer's buying process keeping in mind the data of your customer and said that he lacked You may have to change your product too.

In a restaurant, if the customer orders different items to eat, then he will get expensive but if you solve this problem and add all the items of his favorite to the same plate, then he will be happy that it will not only benefit you but Your customer will get everything for less money.

Similarly, it is absolutely free and useful to use Google Analytics. This is a very important tool for the website, with the help of which you can prepare the complete data of your customer. It does real-time reporting so that you will know which product is being viewed the most and which product is seen less, which product is seen by people, but they leave it in the middle and go bounce rate. It is said that your page has a high bounce rate and pay attention to it.

3. Produce products according to customer needs.

After observing the data of the customer, you will know so much that what your customer wants, the customer should see the solution in whatever show you are doing so that they do not waste all the time in understanding it. Never put a promotional offer with the product, nor do you put the product features in it, you will lose your customers, but show them that the product will be known to the customer after seeing it.

If you have a restaurant, you can give him the recipe base content, if there is a pathology lab and if someone comes to you to do a heart checkup, then what other checkups can he require, do not give him a discount,

4. Do not go searching for the customer, the customer should come looking for you.

Nowadays online data is being used to a great extent, avoiding the traditional way of marketing, because if you show advertisements for customers in a city in the old ways, then you have to appear in the entire state because in the old ways this happens because the newspaper is not just for you to print an advertisement for a city, they have to print for the entire state, and the same is the case with the TV channel. So, you should stop marketing in these traditional ways, nowadays many such platforms have come online with the help of which you can reach only those customers who are your real customers. How does online advertising work? Let's understand

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone, and everyone uses the internet. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform, but one thing is common in all that they search only on Google. And when any person searches on Google, then they share that data with Google other platforms so that if you have searched any product, then you will see it through every social media until you buy it. Likewise, you can also reach your product only to those customers who really need it. This will not only save your money, but you will also get real customers. And this is the best secret of zero dollar marketing.

5. Gather your customer's database.

For this, you will need your CRM software which collects the data of everything you bought from your store, from your call records to when your new customer is old, and then contact the customer again and again. Encourage them to give you tips to buy products from you and try to build a relationship, have feedback from a customer, also put it in your CRM. What changes can you make? Share those data with your team and do every possible work that is required.

6. Convert old data to new.

All the customer data that you have collected, try to do your business with them, it is important that it is 7 times cheaper to do business with the old customer and it is 7 times more expensive to do business with the new customer.

When you are explaining to the sales team how to build a relationship with the customer, do not tell them not to buy the product directly to the customer but to build a good relationship with them, you can adopt a way that you can Let the customer make 40 percent of the relationship and 20 percent about the product and then 40 percent in the relationship, your customer will be attracted to you and buy your product, he will feel very happy. But before doing so, you should also know what happened after all, why did not he buy the product or come back again. If you ask him as soon as you contact him, then he will get angry.

7. Make the story for recall.

Show any product or advertisement through a story, every ad or web site or video that you are reaching to the people, add a story to it so that people remember it, only people forget about the product, but if there is a story They do not forget.

By doing this, your customer becomes your repeat customer, then the same repeat customer becomes a loyal customer, then that loyal customer becomes your promoter, and then the same promoter becomes your advocate. There should be something in your story that appeals to people,

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