Youtube & Whatsapp Cross the 500 Millions Users In India.

Youtube & Whatsapp Cross the 500 Millions Users In India.
YouTub and WhatsApp can cross the figure of 500 million users in India, WhatsApp with 45.9 million users on top


WhatsApp has maintained a good hold in India for many years. As a result, by the middle of 2019, it had added more than 400 million users. Its nearest competitor at that time was the app You-Tube, which then had around 26 crore users in India. But since then the number of YouTube users has increased rapidly. According to App Annie, there were 42.5 million active users on Android phones and tablets in India in December 2020. On the other hand, if you talk about WhatsApp, till December, 42.2 million users were active on Android in India. App Annie is a mobile data and analytics platform.

WhatsApp tops with 45.9 million active users.

On the other hand, if it includes iOS users, WhatsApp is on top with 45.9 million active users in India, although YouTube is not far behind. It has 45.2 million users in India. In such a situation, according to the report, the number of users of YouTube and WhatsApp may soon reach 50 crores.

600 million Internet users in India.

India had around 50 million Internet users in 2010, but by the end of 2020, the figure reached 60 million. Google and Facebook played an important role in touching this figure. Google has started a project to bring Wi-Fi to 400 railway stations in the country and is working on a plan to roll it out to other public places as well. Facebook launched Free Basics in India. But when it was banned in India, the company launched Express Wi-Fi. Recently both these companies have invested in Mukesh Ambani's firm Jio Platforms. Jio has more than 400 million users in the country.

100% of WhatsApp users active in the country.

According to App Annie's report, even though the download speed of WhatsApp has slowed in India, the trust of its old users remains on it. In India, more than 95% of its monthly active users use WhatsApp every day. Not only this, 100% of WhatsApp users use it at least once a week. At the same time, three-fourths of the total users of YouTube in India are those who use it daily.

About 32.5 million monthly active users of Facebook in the country.

Data shows that along with Google, its co-apps Chrome and YouTube, which come pre-installed on most Android smartphones, its monthly active user figure in India has crossed 40 crore in recent months. At the same time, there were around 32.5 million active users of Facebook in the country last month.

YouTube captures 43% of video market revenue.

Research firm 'Media Partners Asia' report estimated that YouTube had a 43% share (10.23 thousand crore rupees) of online video market revenue in India last year. Disney + Hotstar accounts for 16% and Netflix accounts for 14% of earnings.

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