8 Secrets to Influence Other People.


8 Powerful Ways to Influence People Positively.


Leadership is about influencing all people. When you make an impact in other people's lives and do something that makes them feel affected, it is how you influence other people. You have to know the techniques behind influencing so that you can use them to your advantage.

It will give you a leadership mindset that makes you grow and transforms you into a great influencer. If you want to change other people's lives, you need to impress them and it will make you a more respected and authoritative person.

“The only way on earth to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it.” - Dale Carnegie.

1. Give them what they want.

If you want to impress people, then you need to give people what they really want. Because everyone likes what they want, not what you want. Forget about yourself, think about them. When you think about other people and their needs, it will turn you into a great person in their eyes.

They will love you when you want to. They will give you more respect and authority. However, most people think of themselves. Therefore, to impress other people, start giving them what they want.

2. Build trust and be consistent.

One important mistake that people often make is that the effect can be relevant. You should live up to their trust and always have their best interests at heart. To do this, it is necessary for a person to build a solid synergy and genuine concern before attempting to direct them toward a certain outcome. You must act with authenticity, demonstrating that you are trustworthy and your primary goal is to help.

3. Listen.

Growing up, my father would tell me what others said. They told me that if I listen carefully, I need to know about the character, desires, and needs of a person. To positively influence others, you must listen to what is spoken and what is not left out. It contains an explanation for what people need to be validated, supported, and viewed.

 If a person feels that they are invisible, and ignored by their superiors, they are less likely to be positively affected by that person. Listening fulfills the primary requirement for recognition and acceptance of a person

4. Confirm mistrusts and accept objections.

First and predominant, never make the other person wrong. As soon as you injure their intention, they will trigger and you will lose.

If there is an element of truth to any mistrust, they can deal with it. No one can reveal your weaknesses in a better light than you. Doing so will also give you credibility and allow them to resolve their anxiety before giving them a chance to object.

5.  Empower them.

You gain more authority when you empower others. You need to inspire and empower them.

As the saying goes - people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou

Start empowering them and you will be on the way to impress other people. Successful people empower their coworkers and they are greatly influenced by it. If you want to gain power and influence people, start empowering them and see the change.

6. Catch People Doing Good.

Capturing good people is a powerful way to influence people in a positive way. Instead of looking for problems, look for successes. Look for the often overlooked, but critically important things that your coworkers, subordinates, and managers do that make work more effective and more enjoyable. Once you catch people doing good work, pay attention to their contribution.

7. Be present and connect.

To be fully engaged at this time, listen more, and speak less.

As an active listener, you gain insight into what is driving the other person emotionally. Once you understand your thinking about emotional factors, you can demonstrate that you are understanding them, and your conversation will move forward.

If you appear distracted, petulant, or self-concerned, you will lose them from the beginning and they will likely be resistant to your efforts.

8. Connect with emotions.

When you connect with other people's feelings, they are more likely to work for you. You do not need to ask them. You have to connect your feelings with them and make more sense. This will help you influence other people and give you the position of a leader.

However, if you can relate other people's feelings to one goal, it can take your company to the next level. They will do anything to achieve the goal with you when your feelings and emotions are linked to the same goal.

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