10 Ways to Earn and Build Real Customer Loyalty.

Customer Loyalty.

10 Marketing Ideas That Will Build Customer Loyalty For Your Business.


Marketing efforts for customer loyalty focus on inviting customers you already have to your business for attractive opportunities to repurchase, rather than seeking new customers for your business. This type of marketing effort will be beneficial for small and medium businesses looking to grow. It will also cost less to persuade existing customers to repurchase than finding new customers from scratch.  

There are many loyalty programs you can use in your business. Here are 10 ideas you can try for your own brand that will drive customer loyalty.

1. In-Store Gifts.

Promise gifts to your customers who have bought products from you before, so that they can call back to your store. Promote a new product and prepare some discounts or gifts for them to win in-store. This can bring your customers back.  

2. Provide a Trial Period.

If you're selling software, service, or expensive service, give people a free trial period to try you and your service. When subscribing to a site or service, you have seen the 14-day trial period provided to you. This goes into the method we talked about. Always offer your customers a free trial of a top service for a specified period of time.  

3.Create a VIP Club for Your Customers.

Setting up a group where your loyal customers can enjoy exclusive privileges can bring people back to your store. You do not have to put up with large investments to set up such a group. You can connect people to your brand with advantages such as special discounts for your VIP members, new product notifications, and fast payment options.  

4.Offer Free Offers.

The best way to encourage a purchase is to increase the value of the purchase. A person who will shop from you for the first time will cost more to your business than someone who is already your customer. You can return the difference in price to your old customers as a discount or gift product.  

5. Membership Cards.

Many businesses, especially in the food and textile industries, use loyalty cards for their customers. In this way, it both monitors customers' shopping habits and calls them back to the store by offering gifts varying according to the amount of shopping they make. 

6. Conducting Customer Surveys.

You can follow your customers' expectations about your business by conducting regular surveys. Knowing and responding to people's demands and expectations will bring more customers back to your store. You can ask customers directly to collect surveys, or you can collect surveys digitally by adding a QR code to your bill. Providing small gifts and discounts to survey participants can also motivate people to express their opinions.  

7.Free Updates.

If you sell software or online service, upgrading your customers to the latest version of your service for free can provide customer loyalty. In this way, you will both protect your old customers and win their hearts.

8. Birthday and Special Day Celebrations.

If you maintain a database, it may be a good idea to remember your customers on their special days and also remind them of your brand. In the database you keep, it may be wise to congratulate them, send congratulatory mail on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or some success dates, depending on your field of business.  

9. Affiliate Programs.

Marketing plans that will build customer loyalty can go beyond the limits of your business. You can organize campaigns with stores that sell products that people buy before and after you due to their shopping habits. Gift coupons or discount vouchers between stores can do this. For example, if you run a store that sells curtains, it means that you are appealing to a common target audience with other stores that sell carpets or furniture. With a partnership you will establish between these stores, you can bring your customers back.  

10. Gamification.

Gamification - incorporating elements of gaming into other activities - is the perfect tool to engage your customers and motivate them to buy. You can turn the shopping experience into a game by giving gifts to be earned with the bills of old purchases or the shopping amounts that need to be exceeded. Your customers can collect points for every purchase in your store and they can also shop from you with these points. You can also bring the game to the field of digital marketing by putting social sharing tasks to your customers.  

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