12 Ways to Automate Your Business and Raise Productivity.

Raise Productivity.

12 Ways to Automate Your Business and Increase Productivity.


Oftentimes, repetition, waste, and unnecessary bureaucracy slow your business down. The famous businessmen below explained the systems you can use to keep your business running like Swiss time.

1. Artificial intelligence applications and machine learning.

Nowadays, it is now possible for you to convert your work metrics into data and upload this data to a device with intelligence. These artificial intelligence devices can optimize your prices or digital marketing expenses using the data you enter. Dealing with artificial intelligence and machine learning has now become a must for the business world.

Get Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure for your company. Google Cloud has many automation tools. So you can automatically have the latest updates. In addition to having similar features, Microsoft Azure is also very affordable. You can achieve maximum productivity with the right machine learning tools.

2. Establish both a sales cycle and a business cycle.

The sales cycle begins with the customer's interest and ends with the purchase of the product. In the business cycle, you market your product or service and try to direct people. Most people don't have enough money to start a business cycle to create an economic cycle. Big companies use the economic cycle. To automate your business, you must establish a business cycle that will increase interest in your business.

3. Identify recurring processes. 

Gather your team and talk about what you've been doing repeatedly so you can seize the automation opportunities you missed. Then look for an automated solution that can perform the same task or do better, but make sure that the solution you bring in the meantime offers a great service. For example, you can automate very simple but time-consuming tasks like replying to and organizing emails. Such small but important changes will greatly improve the quality of your customer service.

4. Make your system simple and repeatable.

You don't have to complete automation to get effective results. A complex system requires more maintenance and is prone to failure. Lots of people apply to our consulting program every day and make an appointment with one of our business professionals.   Our automation system matches applications with appointments, so phone calls with our business experts are distributed more fairly and appointments can be arranged easily.

5. In addition to your core team, you should have freelance employees who can work flexibly.

Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, says: “The best management style is not dictating down to the last detail or letting things go completely; it means keeping an eye on the process while everything works automatically. "

Nobody can do everything perfectly. So for jobs like social media, email marketing, and copywriting, work with people who specialize in these topics. Meanwhile, while your full-time team is managing things, you can occasionally check if things are going well. Automation is the ability to gather a team around you to handle things in the most efficient way. By assigning certain tasks to expert freelancers, you also reduce costs.

6. Working for only 20 minutes a day may be enough for your job.

I have fully automated my e-commerce business, so I only need 20 minutes a day to work. At first, I was in charge of everything, then I left my place to others. The biggest obstacle before me was being able to rely on others to do my job. But when you invest time and money in others, they usually get a lot better at what you give them.

It is necessary to train new people and create standard operating procedures so that your team knows how to solve problems. For my first customer support representative, I collected all of our e-mail subjects in one document. Thus, he could answer any question a customer might ask.

7. Work on your job, do not work in your own business.

While establishing a business, you cannot escape from the jobs that will arise during the establishment phase. Attention, effort, sleepless nights. Only after establishing your business, you should distance yourself from daily operational work. Do not work in your own business, work on your business, on how you can improve it.

Ask yourself how valuable your time is. Delegate all tasks below your salary — anything that can be done cheaper, faster, and better — to others. Establish a weekly reporting system and check the system at least three times a week to audit your team. This will save you much more time to grow your business.

8.Power, educate, outsource.

Having a team to act as the owner of your business is the best thing you can do for your business. Set clear policies and procedures and get your team to contribute. Train your team with supportive leadership while measuring knowledge using the Socratic method (focusing on asking questions rather than giving answers). Then outsource experts to meet your needs in areas such as marketing, sales, and accounting. This will ensure that your business can operate without your intervention.

9. Streamline task management and communication.

In our company, we have centralized the tasks and communication using Slack and Trello applications in order not to overlook the details.

Use such tools to define delineated roles. Thus, a virtual assistant can direct tasks to the appropriate team member. Tools like ScheduleOne, on the other hand, automate appointments. When I try to set up systems for employees, I follow a two-step process: I shoot an explanation video for the new project with a tool like Loom, then break down what I explained in the video step by step and create a to-do list.

10. Stick to this 5-step plan.

One, find out everything yourself. Find out the pros, cons, and business-critical points so someone else can take care of you. Two, don't waste company money. Give yourself a salary and just spend it. Three, be aware of your weaknesses. Hire people to close these weaknesses. Hiring an operations officer, for example, was the smartest investment we've made.

 It made our weakness and one of the strongest sides of our organization. Four, identify the mental attributes that are important to each position and recruit accordingly. Five, let it go! There are people who will show more success than you in a certain position in your business. Trust them to do their job.

11. Be patient, don't forget the human factor.

If your new business isn't a phone app, it will need personal attention and a 'human touch' like most businesses. You cannot automate a business in an instant. Be patient. Make sure your business is running smoothly and keep your own personal, human touch as it continues to grow. Automate areas that will not affect customer quality service over time. You don't want to lose your first customer at a company you just started because you don't involve yourself in the process.

12. Dedicate yourself to satisfying the customer.

How do you create something once and keep it satisfied?" Highly accomplished people feel like they need to personally establish a close and sincere relationship with the customer at every opportunity to ensure satisfaction.

This is a very common mistake and can be frustrating in the operation of the company.

Email automation is one of the easiest ways to automate in a 'humane way. By using platforms such as Sumo, Emma, and ConvertKit, you can send bulk e-mails that have not lost their originality and will satisfy the customer.

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