Apple the World's First Trillion-Dollar Company.

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How Apple Became the World's First Trillion-Dollar Company.


In the past years, many technology companies entered our lives, but none of them affected our lives as much as Apple. Although there were those who objected, the discussions ended when the news that Apple was the world's first trillion-dollar company was published.

When we look back at Apple's glamorous 40-year history, it is not overlooked that there are some critical steps leading the company to its current pioneering and superior position. It is quite fascinating that a company that was founded in a garage has now become the most valuable company in human history.

Later in our article, we will talk about the three milestones that made Apple from a tiny startup established in the garage to a trillion-dollar company.

Breaking down the barriers of customer segments.

The same mobile phone to choose the brand of people from different social classes ends one of the interesting features of countries. This brand is of course none other than Apple.

When we examine the common consumption habits from the past to the present, we think that Apple owes its becoming a worldwide phenomenon to the extraordinary success of its marketing department. Both yesterday and today. What strikes us most is that Apple's target customer base is never constrained by demographic measures, specific features, or any kind of distinction. Simply put, we can say that Apple's target audience is everyone. That's exactly why ease of use is one of the signature features of Apple products.

Continuing, you will not come across technical terms or product definitions that you cannot easily understand in Apple's advertising or marketing content. Apple wants to reach people of all ages and social classes to know that the message it wants to convey is understood by the other person. While marketing their products, they focus on features that will attract the attention of the average user; such as camera resolution, image quality, storage space, unlock with your fingerprint.

Apple's marketing department has managed to grab the attention of many generations of users by addressing their customers as a whole rather than dividing them into classes. Another important proof of their success is that Apple shares have gained 15,000 percent since the beginning of the new millennium.

Creating a brand culture.

There is no other brand in the world that has an audience like Apple's audience. Over the past years, Apple has become more than just a brand. The brand adventure, which started with producing high-quality products that everyone can use, has turned into such a culture over time that today Apple users do not even think of using another brand's product.

This trend started in the early 1980s when even buying computers for homes became a new trend. Steve Jobs donated 9000 Apple-product computers to schools in California, and the move drew great reaction; many people thought the veteran entrepreneur was going crazy. Whereas, besides the tax cuts, the marketing idea behind the move was brilliant. Jobs' goal was to get children used to Apple products even without their own computers, thanks to the computers he donated through the "Children don't wait" program. In many ways, this was the beginning of Apple's brand culture.

Since then, hundreds of children have grown up with these computers in their schools, and the computers they bought when they graduated were of course Apple. They were not willing to use another brand, regardless of its characteristics; Apple would remain the first and only for them.

Never getting into a price war.

Many brands think price wars are just a part of the competition in the industry. For Apple, this was the opposite. Since its inception, Apple has stuck to its own pricing models, although these prices are slightly higher than those of its competitors.

Take Apple's Macbook Pro 13, for example, and compare it with HP's Specter 13: The two devices have similar features and both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the MacBook Pro is $ 800 more expensive.

So why is that? The answer to this question is that Apple does not see itself competing with other brands.

Since its inception, Apple has focused on marketing its own products and value propositions, ignoring what rival brands are doing, rather than impressing potential customers at low prices and winning a grassroots race: a beautiful design and a unique customer experience.

The last thing Steve Jobs wanted to do in laying the foundations for Apple was to underestimate the value of its products. The purpose of this approach was to prove why their products were better than those of other brands and why they deserved a higher price.

This approach not only created a loyal audience to the brand but also shaped how technological devices were produced in the new era. Perhaps the most prominent example of the approach of staying in the cream layer of the market was the mobile phone market. Before the iPhone was launched in 2007, there were dozens of models of brands with different design sizes and features. The diversity and design differences between brands were remarkable! However, since the launch of the iPhone, the design has become uniform and mobile phones have a similar form regardless of the brand. The contribution of this to Apple was that the iPhone had a status as valuable as gold in the mobile phone market.

So what should we understand from here?

Trying to beat your competitors with low prices and attractive discounts may not always be the right thing to do. Instead, spend your time explaining to your target customer why your product and the experience you provide are superior to other brands' products. More importantly, have products that will prove it. Over time, you will find that your approach works and your sales increase.

I think we wouldn't be exaggerating if we say Apple changed how we live our daily lives. The most striking point here is that it has literally changed our perspective on technology. In the past years, our perspective on new technologies was different, it was that we need to have a piece of certain knowledge to understand and use technological products. Apple told the world that technology is not such a frightening concept; It has shown that it is a medium that is open to everyone, not just technology freaks. Apple has proven that even the latest technology products can be used by all of us: regardless of your age, social class, expertise.

In many ways, Apple sells us more than just beautifully designed products that run smoothly. Apple has connected millions by marketing not only its products but also its technology awareness.

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