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15 Tech Business Ideas for Startup Entrepreneurs.


What is going on in the tech world? What business opportunities may come to light in the technology industry in the coming years? If you are curious about the answers to these questions, this article is for you.

We have researched profitable business ideas and business areas to be invested in the technology sector for you. In a sense, we summarized what happened in the technology world.

The trend business ideas in the technology industry, which we anticipate to rise as a family of new business ideas, are as follows:

1. Virtual reality.

Computer enthusiasts and science fiction writers have been dreaming about virtual reality for years. However, early attempts, especially in the 1990s, ended with disappointment. The most important reason for this was that the technology was not ready yet. Rapid advances in processors and displays will finally allow virtual reality to become widespread. We're already beginning to see the birth of virtual reality: people are still excited and curious about Oculus. Rumor has it that he discovered virtual reality at Microsoft and Apple.

2. Enterprise software design development.

Unfortunately, user interfaces are left behind. The user interface usually comes to mind after the database has been created. This is now changing. Startup companies need to keep up with the pace of consumer-oriented movements. Especially, they should develop beautiful and functional interfaces for mobile.

3. Big data.

One of the trends in the technology industry will be "big data". Big data; is the information provided to companies for their strategic planning by integrating irregular information obtained from social media, websites, and sources such as GSM operators into a meaningful whole. In short, it is the meaning of the information in the world of informatics and technology and making it useful.

4. Digital health.

There are many devices used by doctors today. However, these devices are not developed by doctors. The mobile and digital health trend will rise significantly.

“One of the action centers will be mobile programmable medical records. There will be carriers for all diagnostics and test results, and there will be solutions similar to Apple's HealthKit. Demand has increased after technologies like HealthKit and millions of software engineers can develop new applications.

5. Internet Safety.

Since 2014 was not a good year for password security. With Sony leaks and large-scale iCloud photo hacks, nude photos of celebrities such as Kate Upton, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence spread online, and these security breaches revealed that privacy could be easily compromised.

Therefore, it is not surprising to say that security will be one of the most important trends. Companies will identify when and where data breaches occur and then conduct a damage assessment, making everything more secure.

6. cloud computing.

You can make your devices more efficient with cloud computing. Cloud essentially refers to a commonplace on your phone, tablet, and computer where the applications and files you use are stored. So, wherever you are in the world with each of your devices, you can easily connect to your files. This means you don't need to use extra storage space, extra processors for each of your devices. In this way, you can both process much faster and save a great deal of money.

Leading theorists in the information industry argue that cloud computing will determine the future of the Internet.

7. 3d printers.

It is thought that a new era will begin with the use of 3d printers in mass production in the future. 3D printers, which have 100s of varieties already, are a great business area for those who want to invest in the future.

8. Drone cameras.

The craze of taking photos and sharing them on social networks, which started with the popularization of social networks, sparked many new business lines. One of them is drone cameras. From self-shot to video shooting, many drone cameras have emerged that shoot either under your control or automatically. It is claimed that drone cameras, which are very useful for those who do extreme sports, will one day be found in every house.

9. Auto-Adjusting Pillow.

Pillows are one of those products that were invented centuries ago and have not changed or improved in design since then. We don't know what you think of the reconstruction of these simple objects, but a new Japanese initiative has devoted itself to standing on the pillow. In return for their efforts, we came across this new pillow called Podoon. When you go to side-lying at night while lying on your back, your head position will increase.

 In the meantime, if the pillow you use does not fill the space, your head will remain down and your neck will be forced to stand in a curved position. In order for your neck to maintain its ideal position like the rest of your spine, Podoon is designed to be shaped according to the sleeping position. The automatic pillow inflates when necessary and descends when necessary, taking the most suitable form for you.

10. Advanced Electric Scooter.

As we said before, human beings are living in the golden age of spreadable technology. The fact that electric motors are getting smaller and stronger every day, and the batteries have started to last longer, combining these two powers has initiated the renaissance period for personal transportation vehicles. We are faced with a lot of drivable technology that we can't count anymore, and new and more advanced options are added to this stack every month, and the subject of this week is the new and impressive electric scooter named Unagi.

 Unagi has been designed from the ground up with the most advanced technologies. For example, its body is made of strong and light aluminum used in airplanes, while its wheels are developed to be explosion-proof. Unagi, which also has lighting on its steering wheel, can be seen as the most luxurious and best model in its field.

11. Biker Helmet with Augmented Reality Technology.

If you are a biker who wants to add a little bit of "Iron Man" technology in your life, Jarvish company develops smart helmet systems that can make your desire come true. Jarvish X and X-AR helmets, whose campaign has been launched on Kickstarter, will bring many features such as voice control, built-in speakerphone, anti-noise technology, and navigation information provided only with the more expensive Z-AR.

 All these features are waiting for you in a helmet made of protective, carbon fiber material. These helmets with the highest technology developed are also voice commands to existing artificial intelligence such as Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, and Google Assistant. can connect with. The step-by-step navigation system can be used with voice control, as well as traffic and weather conditions, whether audio or video.

12. 4-Axis Robotic Camera Assistant.

If you are a photographer aiming for the better or shooting videos is your hobby, you may have found the innovation you are looking for. This new device, named ARC 2 by Rhino, can be defined as a robotic box that automatically focuses, gives direction, enables the camera to zoom and move when necessary. Thanks to its cleverly designed software, the device works fully automatically by making the movements you want, one after the other.

 On the project page on Kickstarter, "When we examined our work as filmmakers, we realized that we were dealing with dozens of different things." Rhino's creator says they use many different techniques for documentary, interview, wedding, or YouTube videos. The purpose of Rhino ARC 2's creation is to let the filmmakers put aside their camera movements and focus on the story they are telling.

13. Wearable Artificial Intelligence Assistant.

Nowadays, we come across artificial intelligence assistants everywhere. They never leave us alone in our homes (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.) and pockets (Siri, Google Assistant, etc.). The trouble is that the AI ​​assistants we use still have limited skills in many respects. All these helpers are basically robots that respond by working with voice. So you are asking a question and artificial intelligence finds the answer to this question on the Internet and offers it to you. In short, they only have ears and brains. They are still incapable of receiving and processing information visually, and this is an important deficiency.

MyMe differs from other AI assistants at this point. Unlike Alexa and Siri, MyMe, this wearable artificial intelligence assistant has the capacity to scan the world to understand the world thanks to the camera on it and the image algorithm it uses. This helper, which you attach to your clothes, remembers the names and faces for you, calculates the time you spend on the phone, and automatically adds the people from whom you receive the card to your directory. While not a device that everyone should use, Myne looks set to open a new and exciting path in both the wearable technology space and the AI ​​helper classroom.

14. Smart homes.

If you are one of the entrepreneurs who want to start a new business and think about which sector to enter, we recommend that you do not ignore the smart home systems sector. With current technology, even if you are miles away from your home, you can see what is happening in your home with a few touches; You can have control over many issues such as light, temperature, and security. The smart home systems industry, which offers people a safe and comfortable life, is expected to grow by 60% in the next 4 years.

15. Flexible Umbrella.

Umbrellas in general are not very durable items. In the face of a strong wind, it will most likely turn upside down, and if you have only the skeleton in your hand, it will be impossible to repair. In this case, the only thing you can do is to throw away the umbrella in your hand and buy a new one. What if this problem could be eliminated? So wouldn't it be nice if your umbrella could stretch instead of shattering in the face of strong winds?

Born precisely with this idea, Pluvi was designed from the ground up to be more flexible, durable, and environmentally friendly. The key point that makes Pluvi different is its one-piece design made of high-strength polymer, giving up the multi-piece handle and skeleton structure. This design reduces the risk of the umbrella breaking and increases the possibility of being repaired even if it is broken. So the risk of having to throw away your umbrella is eliminated. The best part is that this umbrella, whose campaign continues on Kickstarter, is sold for only $ 14.

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