How to Provide Excellent Customer Service?

Customer Service

15 Great Steps To Provide Excellent Customer Service.


Customer service is the backbone of the business, good customer service will always bring you, never forget that. The reality of running a small business is constantly happening on the phone. When you talk to your customers or business partners, learning how to act right is key to making a positive impression on everyone you interact with and letting them know that you are professional. Providing customer service over the phone can be difficult, but following best practices can help provide you with better service. If you're running a call center, it's important to learn these techniques.

1. Allows you to retain the customer.

Retaining existing customers is much more effortless than new customer acquisition attempts. This is because regular customers are much more likely to shop from the same business repeatedly. Loyal customers spend 67% more than other customers. In this way, businesses spend much less money on operational costs.

Research has revealed that acquiring new customers will be a very costly undertaking for businesses that have not invested even a small percentage of their budget in customer service. Investing in customer service can reduce the rate of customer churn for businesses, which means that operational costs such as acquiring new customers will be greatly reduced.

2.  Your customer service also represents your brand image, mission, and values.

You have an idea of ​​the values ​​your brand or business represents, right? However, your customers cannot absorb these values ​​just by reading your mind. Because customers will make all their assumptions based on your social media presence, ads, content, and other external marketing activities.

Your customer service team is the only area where you interact with your customers one-on-one. Therefore, your service team also has an important responsibility to present your brand to the customer in the best way possible.

Without your customer service team, you will not be able to communicate directly with the customer. The information that your service team will convey to the customer on how your brand image should be is just as important. To impress your customers and convince them that you are superior to your competitors, you must have a solid service team. Remember, this is the only way to highlight your strengths compared to your competitors.

3. Happy employees create happy customers.

No employee enjoys coming to a work environment where he feels not appreciated or appreciated less than other employees. The same goes for your customer service team. After all, 87 percent of employees who are satisfied with their job do not mind working hard for the sake of satisfying customers.

At this point, we should state that 55% of employees who are not satisfied with their jobs also strive for customer satisfaction. However, the logic of this group to serve customers is far from providing quality service. These types of employees mostly hope to maintain their professionalism and honesty, not to be fired before they quit, to be able to approach the customer with empathy, and to gain the customer's appreciation at the end of the job.

If you want employees who will do their best for the happiness of your customers, you should be able to respect your employees and appreciate them at every opportunity. Because they can only find the strength and motivation to do a good job or serve their customers properly under these conditions. Remember, the happiness of your employees will directly reflect on your customers.

4.  Happy customers can recommend your business to others.

Happy customers are not afraid to share their happiness with others - they are much more likely to spread that satisfaction to friends, family, or colleagues. According to studies, 77 percent of shoppers tend to share their positive brand experiences with others.

Think of it this way: If you have a stunning experience with a brand, you will probably commend your experience to your friends that night. This is natural; because everyone wants their relatives to enjoy themselves, that is, to be attached to a brand they trust.

This is a chain reaction. Being happy with your customer service team means that they will work harder to meet and even exceed customer expectations. This causes these customers to be satisfied with the service your brand offers and recommend it to others. Customers become the most effective and cheapest practitioners of the word of mouth marketing for your business, as long as you can give them a solid reason.

5. Be Accessible.

Customers should be able to reach you when they call. For this reason, you should always respond to customers' phones, e-mails, and messages they send on social media. You should be accessible through all communication channels. However, try to concentrate on a few platforms anyway. So if you have 10 social media accounts, it will be difficult for you to keep up with each of them. Therefore, it would be good to state that you are communicating via phone, e-mail, and Facebook.

6. Reply In Time.

You should make it a rule to return to incoming phones and e-mails within 24 hours at the latest. If you cannot do this, you can ask your customer about the most appropriate time frame and suggest communicating within this time frame.

7. Listen to the Customers.

Customers, like everyone else, want their words to be heard. So when talking to customers, first listen to them explain their problems and don't get defensive right away. First, try to understand what is what.

8. Be Respectful.

Never speak to customers in a rude, open way. Treat all your customers equally and with respect. Yes, you may be having a bad day as an agent, but that is not the customer's problem. Therefore, have a certain booth and do not compromise on this standard.

9. Do Not Fight With The Customer.

Never argue with the customer. Do not do this even if you are right. Because if you win the quarrel, this time you will alienate the customer and lose it forever. For this reason, try to take it from the bottom, explain possible solutions. But never get into arguments.

10. Fulfill Your Responsibilities.

Fulfill your commitments as a company. If you have given a 2-year warranty while selling the product, follow this period. If you said that the mail would be answered, reply to the mail. Irresponsibility pours match water at the root of any relationship.

11. Keep Your Word.

Keep your promise in a similar way to the above item. Take concrete steps to deliver on what you promise. Nobody believes things that are only in words.

12. Give Importance to Customer Relationships.

If you turn a trade into a long-term relationship, you will still be profitable in the long run. So don't sacrifice your long-term earnings for a short-term gain.

13. Admit Your Mistake.

We are all human beings and we can make mistakes. But when you make a mistake in customer service, don't try to cover it up and be honest. People will forgive you more easily if you admit your mistake and do your best to make amends.

14. Train Your Staff Well.

If the customer service personal are well trained, that is, if they communicate with customers by paying great attention to the above-mentioned issues, many problems will be eliminated.

15. Build Unity Spirit.

If everybody in a company attaches great importance to customer service, the company will grow with great and confident steps. Therefore, regardless of the department, they work in, give the message to all your staff that customer satisfaction is of primary importance and ask them to act accordingly.

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