The 12 most popular TEDx talks.


The 12 Best Ted Talks of All Time.


If you are in the management team of any business or just want to learn about the business world, it is possible to access many resources on these topics on the internet. Ted Talks is one of the best web presentations of this kind, which is a source of training, motivation, and information for business professionals. It is also an invaluable resource for those of you trying to improve your speaking skills. You heard it wrong, it is quite possible to improve your speaking skills by watching Ted speakers.

Let us explain for those who do not know and wonder. Ted Speeches first came into our lives as "Technology, Entertainment, and Design", that is, a series of conferences on technology, entertainment, and design. Today, it has become a series of short interviews on every subject you can think of, and it has become a platform where everyone who has an idea, that is, ideas worth sharing, can speak. Ted talks feature excellent speakers with innovative ideas. Unlike routine business presentations, talks have an 18-minute time limit, and each speaker makes their presentation by recitation.

These short online presentations are; leadership, management, business strategy, etc. Includes topics related to the business world. Informing, inspiring and entertaining is the main purpose.

In our article, we would like to include 12 talks that we believe are the best Ted Talks of all time that will appeal to the leading names of the business world as well as to every employee who is a part of this world.

1. Simon Sinek: How Can Great Leaders Be Inspired?

Simon Sinek entered the business world with the advertising industry and has since written many books on leadership that has made it to the bestseller list. In this Ted talk, Sinek explores why some companies and individuals find success while others fail. In his speech, he explains the differences in the way successful people or companies focus on what, how, and why. Most people focus on the wrong points when trying to develop and promote their product or idea. We recommend that you listen to this stimulating talk to find out what these mistakes are.

2. Rosalinde Torres: What Are the Requirements to Become a Great Leader?

In her speech, Rosalinde Torres explains why companies fail to create leaders. Torres is a senior partner and director of the Boston Advisory Group, which has been focusing on all types of business leaders for over 25 years.

In his speech, Torres draws attention to the fact that today's world is more global, more digital, and connected by stronger connections than ever before. As a result, he emphasizes that the traditional leadership approach has completely lost its effect. This Ted talk explains how leaders are defined in today's world and raise the questions you should ask as a 21st-century business leader.

3. David Logan: Tribal Leadership.

David Logan is a writer, also a teacher. For a decade, Logan has been working on tribes, which are natural groups of people coming together.

This Ted talk puts the concept of the tribe on the table and discusses the tribe's role in business and in general. In this talk, where he describes five types of tribes, Logan explains how each tribe interacts with the rest of the society, including their workplaces. This is a must-watch talk for thought leaders who want to understand and improve their workplace culture.

4. Susan Cain: The Secret Power of Introverted People.

As a leader, do you ignore introverts? This is exactly what you do, according to Susan Cain. Cain is a famous speaker and author of "Silence: The Power of Introverts in an Unsilenced World".

In this Ted talk, Cain explains what it's like to be introverted. Cain also talks about the contribution of many introverts who later became famous for their success in the business world. In this way, it forces everyone to reflect on the benefit introverts will bring to the business world or their companies. The conclusion you can draw without talking is that if you pass introverted people, you are missing a lot. You can find out why this is the case by watching this informative talk.

5. Angela Lee Duckworth: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

Angela Duckworth teaches psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Duckworth is also the founder and CEO of Character Lab, a nonprofit organization devoted to the science of character development.

While establishing the Duckworth school, he made an extremely surprising discovery that talent and IQ were not the best determinants of success. The real determinant of success is a character trait that we can call "courage" in Duckworth's words. This fascinating talk will give you valuable insight into what "Courage" is and how it can make a difference.

6. Kelly McGonigal: How to Make Stress Friends.

If you are a businessman or woman, you know very well what stress means. Stress is a bad thing, right? Not exactly. Kelly McGonigal is a psychologist who studies stress and its effects on us. He teaches on this topic at Stanford University and has written several popular books on stress.

McGonigal claims that you can change your reactions to stress and the way it affects your body and your life. In this amazing talk, you will be able to learn more about the benefits of stress as well as detailed information on how to combat the harmful effects of stress. This talk is not just for business leaders, but for anyone with an interest or stress.

7. Shawn Achor: The Secret To Working Better.

Shawn Achor is a writer and speaker on happiness. Achor has written several books on the concept of happiness, including "The Happiness Advantage." He also founded "GoodThink, Inc", an organization devoted to teaching happiness.

This Ted talk uses humor to show the importance of happiness at work. Achor scrutinizes extremes - people who are above average from extreme values. By examining these extreme people and shedding light on how happiness affects success, Achor argues that optimism is an important factor in achieving success. Do you have the right formula for success? You will find the answer when you watch this Ted talk.

8. Bel Pesce: 5 Ways to Destroy Your Dreams.

Bel Pesce is an entrepreneur and a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate who previously worked in Silicon Valley. Pesce has long been referred to in Brazil and nowadays as "One of Brazil's 10 Most Admired Leaders".

In this Ted Talk, he actually tackles five common success myths that let you down and unmask them one by one. If you are thinking of starting a business or have an intention to tackle a project you are passionate about, this conversation will remove the barriers to your success, help you find and clear your wrong thoughts and erase misperceptions.

9. Matt Cutts: Trying New Things (A 30-Day Challenge).

Matt Cutts is recognized as the head of Google's webspam team and also a member of the search optimization team. He is currently acting as acting executive director of the United States Digital Service (an organization that manages technology projects for the US government).

In this short but inspirational Ted talk, Cutts invites the audience to a 30-day process of trying new things. Cutts also shares his personal experiences on the positive impact of unlimited energy and confidence in the line phase of completing a 30-day challenge on individuals. After this talk, you'll want to start your own 30-day experiment as soon as possible - remember, it can make a real difference in your life.

10. Linda Hill: How to Manage Collective Creativity.

Linda Hill is a Professor of Business Administration at Harvard University and president of the Leadership Initiative. Hill, who has written many books that is still popular, has received numerous awards for his innovation.

Being creative and innovative is critically important to any type of business. In this engaging Ted talk, Hill explains that adopting a traditional management style won't work if you want to encourage creativity and innovation in your organization. The speech also points out that true innovation is the result of teamwork, not a personal genius. From this talk, you can learn how to encourage creativity in your own organization from the techniques Hill has shared with you.

11. Seth Godin: How Do You Spread Your Ideas?

Seth Godin is an award-winning blogger, entrepreneur, and also a famous book writer. Godin is perhaps best known for his blog, where he writes short but concise articles on a variety of topics.

This Ted talk explains why spreading your opinion should be part of the strategies you add to your business's bottom line. According to Godin, those who successfully spread their ideas are those who can truly implement the change. While Godin discusses the effects of the mass media on the diffusion of ideas, he also emphasizes the fact that attempts by these tools to spread ideas are not always successful. The mass marketing system has lost its functionality. Through this talk, you will be able to learn what is the main thing that spreads ideas and how to adapt this fact to your own business.

12. Susan Colantuono: A Career Advice You Have Never Heard Before.

Susan Colantuono is the founder and CEO of Leading Women, a consulting firm for companies looking to close the gender gap in the industry. The organization has undertaken many collaborations with dozens of organizations around the world to promote the leadership development of women.

In this talk, a challenging question is addressed: Why are there so few women in senior management positions? The speech identifies three basic elements that companies look for in leaders and clarifies why women cannot take part in one of these core competencies despite having these skills. If you are a woman in the business world or want to see women working for your company in top positions, this is a must-watch video.

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