Indian Tech Services Revenue Reach $300-350 Billion.

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Indian Tech Services Revenue Could Reach $300-350 Billion by 2025: Nasscom.

According to a NASSCOM report, India's technology services industry's revenue could reach $ 300-350 billion (about Rs 25.70 lakh crore) with a growth of 2 to 4% by 2025. The report titled 'Future of Technology Service Winning in this Decade' states that this will require close collaboration between the private sector, education, and the government.

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NASSCOM said in its report that the technology services sector is now exporting about 27% in India and provides livelihood to about 44 lakh people.

Contributing 8% to the overall economy.

The technology services industry is now a major driver in more than 50 digital sectors like banking and finance, healthcare, administration, etc. It contributes 8% to the overall economy of the country. covid has increased the speed of digital transformation journals in almost every sector.

Increasing cloud consumption and other digital services such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are paving the way for digital and cloud services. According to the report, cyberspace and the Thinks of the Internet (IoT) is expected to reach $ 300-350 billion by 2025, with revenue from digital spending.

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Debajani Ghosh, President of NASSCOM, will increase contribution to the economy in the coming decade, saying that the Indian technology service sector can harness the potential of technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, etc. through effective transformations. Which will contribute to the overall economy in the coming decade.

The government needs to encourage and support digital literacy and skills to meet the growing needs of customers.

Investment in technology will increase rapidly.

NASSCOM said in the report that the cases of investing in technology will increase in the next decade. Demand for technology networks and digital reinventors, new tech-enabled business models such as eco-systems, direct-to-stake channels, and digital 2.0 will increase rapidly.

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