20 Ways To Become Smarter & Intelligent.

20 Ways To Become Smarter & Intelligent.

20 Little Things To Do Every Day To Become Smarter.


Although many people believe that smart people are those with high IQs, there are various methods to increase one's cognitive abilities and make them more effective in professional and personal pursuits.

With sufficient motivation and determination, anyone can develop their mental abilities and become more intelligent. Adding new habits to your daily routine and providing the right incentives can quickly develop your intelligence and inspire you to face new challenges.

1. Inviting Innovation.

In order to create new neural pathways and strengthen the brain, it is essential that people constantly add new experiences and knowledge to their lives. These moments may seem unnecessary at first, but eventually, you will be looking forward to these quiet moments.

2. Seeing New Places.
Smarter & Intelligent.

Whether it's studying in a new coffee shop, taking a different route to work, or visiting another country, relocation is good for the brain. Although it is difficult to notice this due to the difficulty of the situation at that moment. You cannot order from 'usual' at the coffee shop. You have to learn a new menu, choose something you haven't tried before, and make a decision.

Although it looks easy, people like the comfort of their habits. We love to know what awaits us. When you travel to a new country, the language is different, the clothes are different, and the culture of that place offers a different rhythm of life. Adapting to these new elements forces the brain to tackle new and unexpected challenges. Trying to communicate across language barriers forces the brain to find creative ways to express needs and feelings. Listening to new music, trying new foods, and trying to navigate unfamiliar streets all strains your brain's capacity to adapt to different situations.

 3. Continuing Education.

Adult education is one of the best time, money, and energy investments you can make. Although education is important during childhood and adolescence, adults often underestimate their own ability to learn new concepts and skills. Challenge yourself to take an academic or creative class. Continuing your education voluntarily offers your brain the perfect opportunity to make new connections and build a higher intelligence.

4. Follow the Agenda.

This is an activity that fosters healthy brain waves while maintaining the appearance of habit. Spending half an hour every morning or evening to read the newspaper or watch the news keeps your brain active. Digesting new information is a good daily habit. The news offers interesting topics for reflection and leaves your brain full of new information.

5. Read a Book.
Become Smarter & Intelligent.

Reading is the most basic way to relax your brain activity, but it often offers the most diverse opportunities to expand brain capacity. Reading provides practical assistance by introducing new words, presenting correct grammar usage, and demonstrating the elegance of well-written sentences. But this is only half the magic of reading.

Whether you choose fictional, non-fiction, historical or poetry books, reading gives you the chance to see literature and real-life connections. Thus, reading is another alternative for your brain to travel to a new place. As your imagination works to create concrete people, places, and events from the words on the page, your brain reconstructs the nerve wires to understand all the fresh information.

6. Approach Your Business in New Ways.

The workplace is a canvas where you can create new experiences. No matter what type of job you have, everyone has the opportunity to think out of the box, solve problems creatively and present new ideas to the team. It is important to relax and think about alternatives that will lead you to results, rather than being stressed by every new problem.

7. Challenge Yourself.
Smarter & Intelligent.

Like a weightlifter who builds his muscles, he has to train the brain on a daily basis so that it goes beyond its current capacity. As Albert Einstein once said, "One should not pursue easily achieved goals, but develop an instinct for what is achieved through great effort."

This quote covers what I believe about the brain. With enough focus and stretching, the brain can really surprise people. Underestimating yourself keeps you back from success. When people start believing in their abilities, they often achieve beyond what they thought possible.

8. Brain Training.

Organizations like Lumosity offer great daily brain training. With its puzzles and games designed to improve neuroplasticity, Lumosity was created to encourage the brain to make new connections. A team of neuroscientists from the University of California Berkeley designed this program to provide stimuli for the brain to adapt and retrain itself in unexplored regions. There are many success stories of this public experiment.

9. Feeding Creativity.

Finger painting in kindergarten wasn't just a fun activity, it was a tool that opened the brain to new opportunities and problem-solving methods. An artistic mind creates new solutions, fresh inspiration, and a peaceful sense of self-confidence.

The blending of these elements in both personal and professional areas makes ordinary people shine as innovative thinkers and leaders. Combine creativity with daily boring work.

 10. Draw.

You don't need to be a painter to enjoy the benefits of drawing that uniquely improves brain activity. In addition to improving basic hand-eye coordination, it sends synapses to neurotransmitters to store your memories more permanently and vividly. From sketches on a piece of paper to pencil portraits, drawing is a healthy brain activity for everyone.

11. Working with Others.

Although logical intelligence is important, emotional intelligence plays an equally important role in overall success. Connecting with others helps people to go beyond their own limited thinking, gain new ideas, and see things from a different perspective.

People are challenging. Intelligent people often enjoy solitude because it saves them from being critical of others. But this uncomfortable situation is a necessity for really smart people because it pushes them out of their bubble. When you think you have all the right answers, collaborate with others to improve your perspective.

12. Teach and Share Your Information with Others.

Chase your colleagues and peers to share experience and wisdom, either virtually or in person. New faces and fresh ideas encourage inspiration and create an empowered learning environment for the brain. By creating a network to share ideas, your brain creates new ways to formulate and execute innovative concepts.

13. Talk to Interesting People.

No human being shares the same life experiences. Everyone interprets information in their own unique way, stores memories differently, and folds into daily life according to their own intellectual light. Although we all tend to think that our methods are the best, gaining different perspectives from other people helps our brains come up with new solutions for personal and professional issues.

Whether the conversation is from religion, finance, politics, or dietary trends, people should strive to be good listeners. While it is generally challenging to suppress your own thoughts while someone else is talking, the brain must discipline itself to stay sharp.

14. Teamwork.
Become Smarter & Intelligent.

Collaborative environments are essential for increasing brain activity. Some people enjoy working independently and worry about being involved in teamwork-oriented workplaces. But these people who like to work independently are high-minded people who will see the most benefit from teamwork.

Steven Johnson's book, How Bright Ideas Are Born, focuses on the benefits of working with colleagues in generating original ideas and developing effective strategies. The modern work environment continues to shift towards this team-oriented method.

 15. Physical health.

The body nourishes the brain and keeping oneself in the best physical condition is vital for the brain to have sufficient energy and function. Lack of motivation, mental fatigue, and lack of inspiration is often associated with a poor diet, exercise, and focus.

16. Exercise.

Studies show that people who exercise regularly have higher IQ levels. Apart from having a strong body, people who exercise regularly also stimulate brain cell development. The condition called cell birth occurs during rigorous exercise. Apart from side effects such as high dopamine levels, people who lead active lives experience less stress, focus better and have more energy.

Dr. Michael Nilsson has done extensive research on the subject. "Being fit means having a healthy heart and lung capacity, which means a lot of oxygen goes to the brain." Said. The research was done on over a million Swedish male soldiers, and Dr. Nilsson found a direct correlation between being physically fit and getting high scores on IQ tests.

17. Getting a Sports Habit.

Many studies show that active children generally do better in school classes and have a higher chance of continuing education after high school graduation. Although athletic people can be tiring at times, the benefits of intense physical activity for your future cannot be discussed.

Whether it's finding one thing you're good at or trying new things every day, getting a fitness routine is best for your brain health.

18. Meditation.
Smarter & Intelligent.

Controlling and relaxing the brain is as powerful as increasing brain activity using instruments and puzzles. The doctor has been studying the effects of meditation on the brain for years, and the results are really impressive. In a famous study, Dr. Richard Davidson worked with the Dalai Lama to see what happened to brain activity during meditation.

Metaphysical Meditation produces impressive results in the brain. People trying to cope with fear, anxiety, depression, and other mental questions should try meditation to calm themselves and develop a stronger sense of focus.

19. Limit the time spent on social networks.

The brain is flexible: it adapts easily to the information with which we choose to feed it. If you feed it with the non-stimulating and wildly varied information from social media, your brain will adapt to it. On the other hand, your ability to concentrate will drastically reduce. In order for your brain to continue to function at its highest level, you need to feed it with interesting and stimulating information. Can't help but check Facebook Instagram during working hours? So at least try to put a time limit on yourself - and stick to it.

20. Become an expert in a field.

Become an expert

As I said earlier, one of the only valid reasons to repeat an action daily is to seek to master a field or a skill. Indeed, expertise is a sign of intelligence. It is not for nothing that companies are willing to spend a fortune to hire an expert in a field. Expertise can only be obtained by focusing on a subject until you fully understand it.

The advantage is also that if you are able to fully understand a subject, it will help you fully understand other subjects. For example, if you are able to fully master internet marketing, you will significantly increase your understanding of marketing in general.

I would add that, if you are able to acquire a comprehensive mastery in a field, you will also improve your ability and your learning methods. You will also increase your confidence in yourself and your ability to succeed. If you decide to become an expert in a different field, this shouldn't be a problem for you.

By practicing these principles on a regular basis and being intellectually curious, you should be able to become smarter throughout your life.

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