Epic Games Is Attacking Nreal Company Because of Its Name.

Epic Games Is Attacking Nreal Company

Epic Games Is Attacking Nreal Company Because of Its Name.

According to the publisher of Fortnite, this manufacturer of mixed reality glasses has intentionally copied the name of the Unreal brand. As the two companies compete in the same market, this is problematic.

For Epic Games, the Nreal company cannot co-exist alongside Unreal, a trademark rightly registered by the video game publisher. Epic has therefore decided to take legal action against Nreal claiming that the company name is "virtually identical" to Unreal and that this is no coincidence. This could create confusion in the mixed reality market.

Unreal versus Nreal

The lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games began in early May. This is not what will prevent the publisher of Fortnite from tackling other threats. The Nreal company launched the "Nreal Light" mixed reality glasses in South Korea last year and plans to launch them in the United States sometime in 2021. Even though Epic Games does not yet have its own augmented reality hardware, the company has already expressed interest in this market with Unreal Engine. It is precisely for this reason that the publisher decided to attack the company Nreal because of its name.

According to the lawsuit: "Epic Games already has ten registrations for the Unreal brand, for a wide range of products and services, including software, video games, virtual worlds, 3D visualizations, animation, and reality platforms. mixed ". As part of this lawsuit, Epic Games is asking Nreal to change its brand name and pay it damages. Before the trial, the two brands tried to discuss things to come to an agreement, but the exchanges did not lead to a solution that suited both parties.

Epic Games rival does not intend to let it go.

The two companies have been fighting over this very similar name for several years. A Nreal spokesperson said: “Nreal is an innovative and growing start-up that is setting a new standard for augmented reality. Recognized as a groundbreaking company both among consumers and developers, Nreal has acquired a reputation as the leading manufacturer of hardware for mixed reality and augmented reality glasses currently sold in Asia and Europe. We believe this lawsuit is unfounded and we plan to seriously defend ourselves against Epic Games' claims. ".

In fact, this is not the first time that the Nreal company has faced legal issues in the United States. Magic Leap, of which Peggy Johnson is the new CEO, filed a lawsuit claiming that Nreal founder and CEO Chi Xu, a former employee of the American company, allegedly used secrets stolen from Magic Leap to develop his own company. The complaint was dismissed at the time. We will closely follow the unfolding of this new trial between Nreal and Epic Games.

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