How to Make Money on Telegram?

How to Make Money on Telegram?

How to Make Money Online with Telegram Channel?


Telegram is one of the fastest-growing social platform and communication channels of recent times. The application has more than 500 million active users around the world (especially in India, Africa, Russia). Around 300,000 users join Telegram every day. Telegram audience and the number of users of Telegram channels, groups, and bots are increasing day by day. This has made Telegram one of the largest platforms to be used for making money online. People from all over the world create Telegram communities (channels or groups) and earn online income. It is known that the most successful business in Telegram earns close to $ 10,000 per month.

As you can see, Telegram is one of the most convenient platforms to make money online today. That's why we'll show you ways to make money with your Telegram channel or group in our article.

What is Telegram?
How to Make Money on Telegram?

Telegram is an open-source instant messaging system, the only popular messaging tool today that guarantees user and data security and privacy. Because Telegram provides users with a secret chat facility - it allows you to send encrypted messages that cannot be accessed by others. So much so that thanks to the advanced technology it offers, even Telegram cannot see your messages. If one of the two people takes a screenshot of the chat, the other person will be notified. Other features of Telegram include creating channels, groups, or communities, free stickers that can be easily created by Telegram users, media sharing (you can share files of any size via the platform, there is no limit), voice call, video, and voice message sending. Telegram, Russian programmer Pavel Duroc and his team in 2013.

Telegram is one of the rare apps that has millions of user data that are not allowed to be shared with a third party. The most popular communication platform is Russia, Uzbekistan, Europe, India, Iran, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya and some countries in Africa and Asia. The app is recognized as the fastest-growing messaging app after WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

What is Telegram Channel?
How to Make Money on Telegram?

The Telegram channel is used to create themed groups on Telegram and broadcast any content to subscribers. Telegram channels are similar in concept to Facebook groups. You can share any content through channels - posts, texts, images, special offers, etc. The only difference is that users cannot post their content or messages on the channel. Broadcasting rights belong only to the administrators, ie channels are one-way broadcast tools. However, anyone who subscribes to your channel can view your posts (even track how many subscribers viewed each post), participate in surveys, and click on your links.

 What is Telegram Group?
How to Make Money on Telegram?

Telegram group allows you to interact with subscribers. It is basically a group chat service that will allow you to message members. It is more like WhatsApp groups. Groups are not used for content broadcasting due to their chaotic nature (it is difficult to share content or to follow the sharing closely, as many people can send messages at the same time). The good thing about Telegram groups is that they make it possible to receive user content or feedback from customers or users.

To summarize, Telegram channels are used for content sharing and Telegram groups are used for chatting with users.

How Can You Benefit From Your Telegram Channel Most Effectively?

In this part of our article, we'll give you valuable tips on how to get the most out of your Telegram channel and turn it into a solid source of income.

1) Determine your niche.

Telegram has hundreds of channels within its structure, and given the presence of these large channels, it is difficult to reach the same audience as them - especially in the beginning stages. For this reason, you should avoid creating a channel on general topics. For example, identify a new niche in which you will be interested in comedy movies in India, rather than a movie-only channel. Research keywords, and don't forget to check out similar Telegram channels in the same niche for an opportunity to stand out or stand out from the competition.

 2) Choose a simple and clear logo.
How to Make Money on Telegram?

This is one of the most common mistakes Telegram channel owners make. There should not be too much detail or information on your logo. Real people photos etc. things should not be used.

So you don't have to be a designer to see what's good and what's bad.

3) Include keywords in your channel name.

Keywords are among the most powerful tools that make you searchable and discoverable by users. Therefore, the keywords you choose for your channel should directly reflect your niche, and be as specific as possible. If you have a channel about robot toys for dogs in India, you should name your channel appropriately for this service. Just using the phrase "robot toys" will not be enough, you have to be much more specific! Avoid using your brand name as a channel name unless you open a Telegram channel for a popular brand like Pepsi.

 4) Identify an appropriate content strategy.

You also need a suitable content strategy for the effectiveness of your Telegram channel. If you want to maintain continuity of interaction with subscribers, you should post new content every day. The posts you post once a month are not good, the only thing you'll get this way will be member losses.

 5) Avoid sharing too much content.

Are you planning to publish about 15 new posts a day? Please stop! Because the more posts you post, the weaker your channel's voice will be. Think about your individual user experience, wouldn't it be annoying to receive constant notifications? So, you realize that users, like everyone else, tend to mute such accounts. A muted channel means far fewer views and a lower amount of active users. When only 10 out of 1000 people view your content, it becomes impossible to share your services or ads with people / large audiences.

 6) Publish unique content.

Stop copying and pasting exactly the same content on different channels or on the Internet. You ask why? First, people have seen the content in question over and over again. Second, this is copyright infringement, which is a crime. Even if you're going to post someone's content, you need to do so by referring or tagging that person. You should also remember that only unique content will go viral when it comes to content sharing. So, only posts where you reflect your own creativity or knowledge can popularize your channel.

 7) Automate your advertising and marketing services with Telegram bots.

Are you using Telegram to promote your products or services? Then you can streamline your sales and consulting process. Create a free bot for your business with the most frequently asked questions and answers. This system can replace your attendants, who have to answer the same questions every day. Again, with such a bot, you can collect new orders or customers without difficulty.
8) Create both channels and groups.

Unsure whether a channel or a group would be better for your business or content? So creating both would be the best option. This way, you can have both a channel you use for news and updates and a Telegram group where users share their questions and help each other. You should remember that the most effective strategy to make money on Telegram is to satisfy users and customers as much as possible.

 9) Use Telegram to advertise your different social media links.

Do you have a Facebook page, Instagram, or WhatsApp group? Do not hesitate to include all of these in the link section on your channel. Users may eventually leave any of these platforms, and this move will keep you in touch with them.

 10) Don't change your channel concept.

Don't suddenly turn your Football-related Telegram channel into a channel that broadcasts funny videos with puppies. This will quickly result in losing users. Because someone who is interested in your current theme may not be keen on this new idea. If you want a new themed channel, you must create it from scratch. Of course, you can also promote this new idea on your primary channel. Before you can change the channel mindset, there must be only about 100 members connected to the channel, and the main goal should be to make your channel-specific for niche compatibility (the actual concept should not be changed).

How to Make Money with Telegram?

Telegram does not pay for channels or groups you create, nor is there a monetization program included in the app. Still, Telegram is one of the most basic and essential parts of marketing or the business itself. People earn exorbitant monthly sums by selling their products, services, or advertisements. Not all of these methods of how to make money can be applied to channels and groups.

1) Sell your services and products.

It doesn't matter whether you are a busy dropshipping seller (via Amazon, Aliexpress, Flipkart) or your own brand. You can always promote your products or services to a large audience registered on Telegram and acquire new customers through this social platform.

This is basically the same as social media (Facebook, Instagram) marketing, but you'll have a much higher engagement rate here. The viewing rate on Telegram channels can be around 30%, whereas on other social platforms this rate is below 10%. Telegram is a content-driven platform, so to do justice to your work and stay on top, you always need to think about the needs of your users and create world-class content to satisfy them.

In addition, it ensures that your followers receive constant notifications about your updates. You don't even need to manually adjust the notification settings in the application. This means users will never miss your offers, news, updates, or sales.

Of course, your chances of acquiring new customers or making money will increase in direct proportion to the number of members in the Telegram channel. Keep in mind that Telegram is a new marketing tool and you'll have a much lower chance of encountering competition here.

Telegram also offers you the opportunity to automate the sales process with bots. Telegram bots can help you earn more money with less effort - collecting and processing orders, collecting users' contact information, receiving payments, informing about special offers, instant customer support, user consultation, or appointment scheduling services are free.

If you do not have any products or services to sell, you can sell training, marketing, or consulting services on the Telegram channel. For example, by creating a course on Udemy, you can market it. Put in some effort and sit back and watch your Telegram earnings grow day by day.

 2) Buy ads.

Posting ads or paid posts on your Telegram channel or group is one of the most popular ways to earn money on the platform. If you have more than 50,000 members, you can easily post all kinds of advertising and promotional posts with links to different Telegram channels. The pricing process for the ad you sell depends on the following factors: the duration of the promotion and the number of members of your channel.

Prices vary for promotional feeds of 1-48 hours long - shorter time means lower price and smaller impact on the customer. Most Telegram channels or group owners aim to reach 24-hour broadcasts, so it would be better to make your price for this time as attractive as possible.

The same math applies to the number of channel/group members. The more subscribers you have, the higher prices you can set. By promoting other channels or products, you can earn an income of 3000-5000 $ per month. However, if you want to achieve this result, your channel needs to have quality content, this is the only way you will be able to attract your members and followers. The most popular Telegram channels can earn thousands of dollars a month simply by selling paid posts with links that direct their followers to different channels.

 3) Take advantage of the paid subscription system.

Give your users access to premium or valuable content. How Does? Of course with the paid subscription system. So, to have a large following, you must have a public channel and a private channel with premium content. You get access to the private channel with a special link for members who regularly pay subscription fees. In this way, you can pay people monthly and get a steady source of income. The most popular examples of how to earn income through subscription are trading channels (Forex, Crypto), educational resources (materials for exams such as IELTS, YDS, etc., online courses).

 4) Sell your channel.
How to Make Money on Telegram?

You did not hear wrong. If you have enough members on your Telegram channel, you can easily sell it to someone else. Set a good price and earn money by transferring your channel to your potential customer. After that, you can go and create another channel, grow it the same way, and sell another channel! Revenue from a channel can range from $ 50 to $ 5000. The more members you have, the higher the price of your channel will be due to your participation rate.

You can use these techniques to monetize your Telegram channel or group. However, whether you're using premium content, ads, or selling your channel, you must have a large number of Telegram subscribers to earn a solid income. So more members = more income.

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