Huawei Aims To Become The No. 1 In Software.

Huawei Aims To Become The No. 1 In Software.

Huawei Aims To Become The No. 1 In Software.

A strategy to deal with the US sanctions that hit the company. An internal memo from Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, revealed by Reuters on May 24, attests to the Chinese company's willingness to develop its software sector. A logical strategy following the American sanctions.

Joe Biden doesn't seem to want to get Huawei off the blacklist.

It was an expected development as soon as Donald Trump, then president blacklisted Huawei in 2019. When the use of Android became impossible on the brand's new phone models, the development of a system of in-house operation, HarmonyOS has become imperative.

Donald Trump's successor, Joe Biden, does not seem in a hurry to reverse this decision. However, being on the blacklist also means for Huawei the endangering of its hardware activity: without American technology, the manufacture of chips is hampered and the supply from suppliers of components much more complicated. The results of the company in the first quarter of 2021 are suffering the consequences.

Heavy investments have been made to develop intelligent driving, the decision to focus on its OS and its cloud AI system, Mindspore, enumerates Ren Zhengfei. To go faster, he advises his employees to rely on Open Source systems. Huawei must be quickly placed " out of the control of the United States  " and provided "with greater independence and autonomy  ".

Ren Zhengfei, the thirst for revenge against the United States.

Ren Zhengfei's strategy is to sanctify his local market to expand into the world, to the point of becoming indispensable. In the line of sight, the United States. Reuters published an excerpt reflecting the anger of the founder of Huawei at the American giant, "  Once we have dominated Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa, if American standards do not match ours, what if we cannot enter the United States, so the United States cannot enter our territory  ”.

The ambition of the founder of Huawei, who managed to make his company the number one in the field of 5G, before the intervention of Donald Trump, is not to be taken lightly. However, reorienting the core business of such a large company, which arrives late in a new market, does not seem easy. Huawei will have a lot to prove in the next few years to become an undisputed software champion.

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