Netflix to create its own subscription video game service.

Netflix to create its own subscription video game service.

Netflix To Create Its Own Subscription Video Game Service.

The offer should arrive as early as 2022. In recent days, many sources have indicated that Netflix is moving towards an online video game service. The service which could land next year has in the meantime been confirmed by a spokesperson for the group.

What was only a rumor that seems to be well and truly confirmed by Netflix? The platform is indeed seriously considering launching into video games. The information first shared by The Information indicated that Netflix wanted to hire an executive to oversee its new gaming efforts and that the company was considering offering a subscription video game service similar to Apple Arcade.

While Netflix has not publicly confirmed the news, one of its spokespersons left the door open, telling Polygon media. “Our members appreciate the variety and quality of our content. That's why we've continuously expanded our offering - from series and documentaries to movies, original local language shows, and reality TV. Members also like to engage more directly with the stories they love, through interactive shows like Bandersnatch and You v. Wild, or games based on Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel, and To All the Boys. So we're excited to do more with interactive entertainment ”. A statement that therefore leaves very little room for interpretation.

Netflix, which sees its subscriber base slowing down sharply and competition is strengthening, must find new sources of income if it wishes to continue to exist. The arrival of such a service would plunge the viewer into a wider universe and we could even eventually imagine a bundle like Apple with its Apple One pack or Amazon with its Amazon Prime service which both offer content with higher added value.

In the past, Netflix even considered that Epic Games' Fortnite game was more competitive than HBO ( “we compete with and lose against Fortnite more than with HBO” ). Netflix has understood that as a platform of entertainment, competition is no longer limited to the number of subscribers, but to the share of the screen time available for a household or an individual that it is able to monopolize. This would allow the platform to reach different audiences at different times of the day while building on its most popular franchises.

However, nothing is still set for the service of which little is known for the moment except that it should be available for 2022 and should rely on the licenses of the platform.

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