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10 Successful Life Lessons From Steve Jobs

10 Life Lessons From Steve Jobs That You Will Never Forget.


The founder of Apple Company, Steve Jobs, was a successful entrepreneur whose name we remember with respect every time we hear his name and we feel a strong wind of nostalgia that his legacy will live on as long as technology prevails. After all, no "great person" who has achieved great success has lived his life in vain. Because each of them has managed to leave their mark on world history in one way or another.

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Every successful life carries with it countless lessons to be learned. If you are enthusiastic enough to learn from the lives of others, you are on your way to becoming a great person. That's exactly why we will talk about the secrets of Steve Jobs' successful life in our article. We hope that what you are about to read will inspire you to unleash your inner Steve Jobs and achieve great success.

1. Love What You Do.

He became a billionaire after taking Apple from the brink of bankruptcy, but Jobs couldn't have done more. Even after he was fired from Apple, his heart was beating there. Most of us may have to work in jobs that we feel comfortable with, but we have to ask ourselves: “Is this job really a good fit for me? Do I really want to work for this company? Are my co-workers my dream co-workers? Does this job make me happy in terms of career and future?

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If your answer to these questions is “Yes”, great.

However, if your answer is negative, you need to make some changes in your life. Human life is limited, so it is of great importance that you reach the right path for yourself as soon as possible.

2. Tolerating Stupid People.

Steve Jobs was a master at spotting idiots throughout his life. He never allowed his company to be undermined by these people, and he uprooted them, so to speak. Negative energies will be everywhere, it cannot be avoided. However, Jobs was able to protect his company and its employees from these people's energy exploitation. Stupid people make stupid decisions. Dumb people can't stand to have more successful people in the company than they are. Jobs, on the other hand, aside from being uncomfortable with the existence of superiors, supported them to the end. That's why Apple is currently the world's most valuable brand.

3. Going Under the Whole Load Alone.

There is a significant difference between Steve Jobs' first Apple era and his second Apple era. In the second term, Jobs became a much better manager. He was still able to identify people who weren't doing his job well, but now he was having more outbursts of anger and brushing those around him less. He had learned not to take on the whole burden alone. Teamwork is very important at every stage of life. The people around you need to be talented, inspired and, where necessary, accountable. Employees should be given the right to take the initiative to do things on their own. In short, it is necessary to be a good leader and manager for your ideas to have a great impact on the world.

4. Take Care of Your Empathy.

The idea behind the success of Apple and Steve Jobs is basically this: Offer people a product that they couldn't imagine before, but when people take this product in their hands, they feel that they are dealing with a product that is very normal, as it should be...

That's called empathy. To see the world not as it is, but as it should be…

The "Aaaa… reaction as soon as the user touches the product and the desire to design a product unlike anything else on the market. Herein lies the secret of Apple and Jobs.

5. Be Private and Reachable.

Another thing that Steve Jobs and Apple have done very well is to produce special things but to offer these products to the general public, not to a privileged group.

Steve Jobs realized during the early Apple era and then the NeXT era that he founded: Even if high-cost products are great, it doesn't matter if people don't have the money to buy them. Great products were being produced in the NeXt era, but Microsoft had taken over the market because it was making decent, low-priced products.

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Jobs was conscious of this when he took over at Apple again. When they arrived, iPod, iPhone, iPad were exciting products, but their prices were high. People thought the new iPad would have a $1,000 tag. But everyone was shocked when the iPad went on sale for $ 500. Competing companies started selling their own tablets at cost and could not make a profit. Apple, on the other hand, still managed to make a profit, even if it was selling for half the price expected.

You can have the best idea in the world, but if you don't stay one step ahead of your competitors, you won't get the best of it. Today we live in the internet age. Even if you are a casual shoemaker in Sivas, people will find you if your products are of really high quality. If you take care that your prices are reasonable and your quality is number one, you can become an important player in your own industry.

6. You Set the Rules of the Game.

Apple almost went bankrupt in 3 months, but it didn't. He developed the iPhone in 10 years and became the number one in the market. What Apple did was different, it played that game by its own rules, not other people's rules.

Access to music is free thanks to Napster.

Thanks to the Apple iPod, the new generation Walkman was produced and people were forced to buy music.

Dell was like a monopoly in the computer industry and computer prices were so high that it was not possible to reduce the cost. Apple, on the other hand, opened hundreds of Apple stores and managed to sell computers, music players, and phones. You can imagine Apple's move today as Google opens hundreds of stores around the world. Apple has made such a radical move.

Before Apple, all phones were push buttons. In fact, the first phones of Google Android, Blackberry also had buttons. Apple, on the other hand, broke new ground in the sector with its touch technology and added its own rules to the game. In other words, what Steve Jobs and Apple did was not to comply with the rules of the current competitive environment, but to create their own rules. The motto "Think different" is not said in vain, briefly.

7. Take Care of Your Health.

I was talking to a friend about the life lessons that can be learned from Steve Jobs. A lot of business ideas came to my mind during this conversation. My friend, on the other hand, saw the business ideas that I had enthusiastically noted down and said: You miss the most important point, you neglect to take care of your health. Especially taking the advice of doctors seriously.

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My friend is of course right. It's great to analyze Steve Jobs' life and learn from it, but he is no longer with us. If he had listened to the doctors' words about fighting cancer, he would be alive today. Steve Jobs did not listen to the recommendations of doctors and turned to neuropathic methods that did not work. When he decided to listen to the doctors' advice, it was too late.

8. Don't be complacent.

Apple returned from the brink of bankruptcy and managed to become the most important player in the phone market in 10 years. When they reached the summit, brands such as HTC, Sony, Motorola, RIMM were surprised what to do. If there were another company in Apple's place, the company's CEO would try to attract investment in the company by making an article in Fortune magazine. Apple's success was staggering, everyone adored Apple. 

But Apple has never relaxed, it hasn't been complacent. However, Apple is still in close competition with Google and Samsung. In short, business life does not remove complacency. Especially when a company like Apple gets complacent, it will be expensive. Fortunately, Apple still pulls the strings.

9. Give Importance to Presentation.

There is a mythological side to Steve Jobs' Apple presentations. For 50 years, we haven't seen a person who makes an original and effective presentation like him. Apple critics are displeased that Jobs is attracting attention in this way. They put forward the products of Google and Samsung against Apple products and claim that they have superior features.

 Again, these people argue that Steve Jobs was a kind of magician, that he influenced the audience, and that Apple products were considered superior. But there is nothing to do. In the nature of this job, presentation ability is of great importance. It seems like Apple critics would be better off working on presentation rather than downplaying Apple's emphasis on presentation. Reading PT Barnum's life story on this subject might be a good start.

10. Do Things You'll Be Proud Of.

Do you do things that you would be proud to show off to your friends and family? Most large companies do not properly hold their employees to account. That's why they fail. The executive team of the company is unaware of what is going on inside the company, even if there is an error, it cannot be detected. Over time, mistakes grow like an avalanche and become unmanageable.

Things are different at Apple. Each department has certain responsibilities. These people are responsible for the work done and they can be held accountable when necessary. This is exactly what Apple does. Giving employees space and responsibility to do things they'll be proud to show is one of the key reasons behind Apple's success.

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