50 Interesting Facts About Elon Musk's That Make You Successful.

50 Interesting Facts About Elon Musk's To Make You Successful.

50 Interesting Facts About Elon Musk's Life.


Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla Motors, which is famous for its electric cars, does not have a life full of secrets, but it can still be said that there are many things about Musk that most of us do not know. Because it is as much as producing electric cars, transporting people to Mars, etc. He is a unique entrepreneur who also deals with many extraordinary projects.

So, how about taking a look at this article about little-known facts about Elon Musk and his life, who turned his obsession with space into a successful business thanks to SpaceX, and made history with his innovative and crazy projects?

Little-Known Facts About Elon Musk's Life.

1. Elon Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1971 as the child of Erroll and Maye Musk and lived there until the age of 17. Moving to Canada after the 17th, Musk is now a citizen of three different countries (South Africa, Canada, and the USA). He has been living in Los Angeles, California since 2020. Elon Musk did not become an American citizen until 2002 when he was 31 years old.

2. Musk has a father whom he describes as a "bad" person, whom he describes at every opportunity as an outsider: Erroll Musk. Behind the scenes of this thought lies the fact that his father was tried and acquitted of murder. According to court records, Erroll shot and killed three people who were trying to break into his Johannesburg home. The second and equally important reason is that Erroll Musk has a son with his stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout, 40 years younger than him. You heard right, we're talking about her stepdaughter.

3. Elon Musk's mother, Maye Musk, is a model. She has recently resumed her modeling career, while Maye Musk, a registered dietitian, also published a book called "When A Woman Makes a Plan" in 2019.

4. Musk is the eldest of three siblings. His younger brother, Kimbal Musk, is the owner of the Kitchen Restaurant Group. His younger sister, Tosca Musk, is a filmmaker.

5. Elon Musk was so quiet throughout his childhood that his parents even though he was deaf.

6. Musk had read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica before he was nine years old. A child with different interests, Musk learned to write computer code by his own efforts at the age of 12 and even created a video game called Blastar. Later, he sold this game to a famous informatics magazine for 500 dollars.

7. Musk was bullied as a child. Being the youngest and youngest kid in her class, she was often bullied and was even hospitalized once after a group of kids pushed her down the stairs and said she was "beaten to death almost". It will be from this that he took karate, judo, and wrestling training at the age of 15.

8. Elon Musk moved to Canada from South Africa at the age of 17, first enrolled at Queen's University in Canada for university education, then transferred to the University of Pennsylvania and completed his education at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA.

9. Musk avoided compulsory military service in the South African army by enrolling at Queen's University in Ontario, Canada, but dropped out of his studies there to study business and physics at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 1992. He also earned a degree in economics from the Wharton School and a physics degree from the College of Arts and Sciences in 1996. Musk's IQ is estimated to be 155.

10. After graduating from college, he enrolled at Stanford University and moved to California to pursue a doctorate in physics. However, this adventure lasted only two days. Leaving Stanford two days later, Musk gave up on the idea of ​​graduate education and decided to take advantage of the blessings of the Internet world, which was on the rise at that time.

50 Interesting Facts About Elon Musk's To Make You Successful.

11. After leaving his graduate studies, he founded the web software company Zip2, which provides licensed online city guide software to newspapers, and sold this company for $307 million in 1999.

12. In 1999, Musk founded X.com, which would become the online payments company PayPal in 1999 and would be purchased by eBay for $1.5 billion in stock (of which 165 million were given to Musk). So, although he owes his fame to the car company Tesla Motors and the space transportation company SpaceX, he made his real fortune when he was the co-founder of PayPal.

13. The number of companies Musk has founded is eight: Zip2, PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, Hyperloop, OpenAI, Neuralink, and The Boring Company.

14. Musk is the founder of Tesla Motors, a company that designs and manufactures electric sports cars. Tesla is one of the rare companies that has been able to hold on to the electric car market, where even the leading names of the automobile market have failed. And today Musk serves as Tesla's CEO and chief designer.

15. The Tesla Model S has achieved a safety rating of 5.4 out of 5 in the National Highway Safety Administration's safety rating - the highest rating ever given to a car.
50 Interesting Facts About Elon Musk's To Make You Successful.

16. Musk is one of the biggest drivers behind the scenes of SolarCity, a company specializing in solar services founded by his cousins. He is also the company's largest shareholder.

17. Musk is also the founder of the rocket technology-focused space transportation company SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies). The company was founded with the hope of establishing a life beyond Earth and aims to reduce the cost of space flights.

18. Musk could not find enough funds for SpaceX, which investors initially saw as an empty dream. However, he invested all his money in this venture in order to turn this seemingly unachievable dream into reality and to create SpaceX and acted contrary to all business advice written and drawn up to now.

19. NASA has a $1.6 billion deal with SpaceX company - to design a launch/transport system that can supply payloads to the International Space Station (ISS) - and these SpaceX vehicles will be sent to NASA in the near future. It shows that it will replace the Space Shuttles.

20. Musk has managed to reduce the cost of reaching the International Space Station by 90 percent, from $1 billion to $60 million permission.

21. Musk's biggest dream is that the Falcon rocket family designed by SpaceX will one day make space tourism and Mars colonization a realistic target for humanity.

22. The Falcon rocket takes its name from the "Millennium Falcon", the spaceship used by the character of Han Solo from the Star Wars movie.

23. SpaceX is the first commercial company to launch a spacecraft, put it into orbit and recover it intact; The company's Dragon spacecraft is the first commercial vehicle to connect with the International Space Station.

24. Despite their tremendous recent success, companies SpaceX and Tesla Motors have also faced worrying setbacks. Roadster, Tesla's first electric car, faced an ongoing series of production problems, while SpaceX had three separate failures until the fourth and final attempt at rocket launch was successful.

25. Elon Musk is the founder of the Musk Foundation, a group of people whose mission is to explore space exploration and explore clean energy sources. The Foundation retains control of the “Musk Mars Desert Observatory” telescope located in Utah, USA.
50 Interesting Facts About Elon Musk's To Make You Successful.

26. The Musk Foundation also runs a Mars simulation that allows visitors to experience life on Mars first-hand (including in waste-burning toilets).

27. Musk is known as “thrillionaire” ( an expression meaning “exciting millionaire” formed by the combination of the English words “thrill” (excitement) and “millionaire” (millionaire)) among fledgling high-tech entrepreneurs who want to use their wealth to turn their science fiction dreams into a modern reality is mentioned.

28. Musk is a strong supporter of tackling global warming and working towards sustainable energy use – and highlights these two factors at every opportunity that were the primary incentives for Tesla Motors to establish Solar City.

29. Musk joined the Strategy and Policy Forum in 2017 on behalf of former US President Donald Trump, taking part in the Strategy and Policy Forum (the purpose of this forum, which will function as a kind of advisory board, to meet regularly to advise on economic and business matters), but soon resigned. requested. The reason is that he wants to protest Trump's decision to withdraw from the climate change-themed Paris agreement.

30. In 2010, Elon Musk participated in the "Giving Pledge " campaign initiated by the Bill and Melinda Gates couple and Warren Buffet and agreed to donate more than half of his wealth to philanthropic initiatives and charities, along with the wealthy around the world. The Donation Pledge has also been signed by Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, and Mark Zuckerberg.

31. Just like Steve Jobs and other famous entrepreneurs, Musk's official annual salary from Tesla is only $1. This is not at all something that he is alienated from. Because while in college, he spent a dollar a day and was fed with hot dogs and oranges, which he bought at wholesale prices.

32. Elon Musk owns the "Wet Nellie", a specially designed submarine by Lotus Esprit company, featured in the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me.

33. The Hollywood character Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) was inspired by Elon Musk. Moreover, parts of the movie “Iron Man 2” were shot at SpaceX. Musk even has a small role in the same movie.

34. Musk was named one of the 75 most influential people of the 21st century by Esquire magazine.

35. Elon Musk was named "Businessman of the Year" by Fortune magazine in 2013, in recognition of his success at SpaceX, SolarCity, and Tesla.
50 Interesting Facts About Elon Musk's To Make You Successful.

36. On January 25, 2015, Musk made a guest appearance in the episode of the famous American sitcom The Simpsons, titled “Muk Who Fell to Earth”. This episode, which makes fun of many of Musk's ideas, revealed his humorous nature. Musk has also played himself in TV series such as Big Bang Theory and South Park.

37. The Federation Aronautique Internationale, considered the most authoritative organization in aviation, awarded Musk the FAI Gold Space Medal in 2010 for designing the first commercial rocket to reach orbit. This is the organization's highest award (and the same award went to Neil Armstrong).

38. Musk introduced his latest venture, HYPERLOOP, in 2013—a new mode of transportation that aims to reduce the distance between cities—a cutting-edge transportation technology that can send people from one city to another—for example, from San Francisco to Los Angeles—in half an hour in pressurized cylinders. . This is just one of Musk's crazy projects.
50 Interesting Facts About Elon Musk's To Make You Successful.

39. When Musk got tired of dealing with Los Angeles traffic, he came up with a new business idea, and the Boring Company was born on this frustrating day when he was stuck in traffic. In December 2016, he tweeted, I will build a tunnel boring machine and start digging and continued to meet with regulators until January 2017. The Boring Company argues that instead of investing in flying cars, as expected from Musk, the solution to the traffic problem is to create tunnels. Unfortunately, tunnels are expensive and difficult to create. The Boring Company, on the other hand, strives to ease this challenge with innovative technology and clever engineering.

40. As of April 2020, Musk's net worth is recorded as $24.6 billion. Musk became a millionaire in 1999, at the age of 27, when he sold his first company, Zip2 (web software company) for over $340 million. Musk, who owns 7 percent of the company, earned $ 22 million from this deal. He reached billionaire status in 2012, at the age of 40, and entered the Forbes Billionaires List with a net worth of $2 billion.

41. Musk sent his Tesla sports car as a payload for the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket in 2018. You can follow the car fixed in the orbit of the sun at whereisroadster.com.

42. Musk, in a statement on Twitter, stated that Tesla's share value was "too high", but this statement cost the company about $ 15 billion in share values.

43. Musk drove his first car until one of its wheels fell. The first car Musk ever owned was a BMW 320I. Musk, who bought his car for $1,400 in 1994, used it until it was scrapped, so to speak.

44. Musk made history with the SpaceX company. SpaceX has enabled astronauts to make their first trip to orbit in a spacecraft built and operated by a private company - The Crew Dragon.

45. The first name Musk thought of for the Tesla company was "Faraday". The inspiration for this name is physicist Michael Faraday, who is famous for his work in the field of electricity and electromagnetics.
50 Interesting Facts About Elon Musk's To Make You Successful.

46. Elon Musk's private life is as colorful and even turbulent as his business life. He has been married three times, his first wife is Canadian writer Justine Wilson and the other two marriages are to English actress Talulah Riley.

47. Musk has six children, all boys. Musk, who has twins (Griffin and Xavier) and triplets (Damian, Saxon, and Kai) with his first wife, Justine Wilson, started dating Canadian singer Claire Elise Boucher in May 2018.

48. Musk and his first wife, science fiction writer Justine Wilson, married in 2000. In 2002, their first son Nevada died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when he was only 10 weeks old.

49. Musk named one of his sons after one of the characters, Professor Xavier, inspired by the X-Men movie.

50. Today, Musk is ranked 25th on Forbes' "World's Most Powerful Business People" list.

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