Successful Entrepreneurs Only Do 5 Percent of the Work.

Successful Entrepreneurs Only Do 5 Percent of the Work.

Successful Entrepreneurs Take Only 5% of the Work.


Time is either your best friend or your worst enemy. I'm sure you know there are many ways to spend time. When entrepreneurs focus on small tasks that can be entrusted to others, such as designing their brand's logo or setting up their website, they cannot grow their business and engage in the things that actually make them money.

However, you spend your time right and just really good that you and your business when you focus on the task to save the most money grows exponentially.

If you want to turn your time into money, you should definitely master the following strategies to increase your productivity.

Take 5 percent of your time.

Successful entrepreneurs only take on 5% of the business. Yes, seriously it's only 5 percent, but that depends on what kind of work goes into the 5 percent.

Imagine Bill Gates cleaning toilets at Microsoft's headquarters, or Elon Musk assembling Tesla's parts on the assembly line. I know it sounds funny, they would have wasted both their skills and their time if they did things like this. You sit in the driver's seat of your company. There are high-level purchasing and marketing jobs that only you can do. This is the area that will make you the most money and make the biggest impact in the world.

By focusing on 5% of jobs, you regain your freedom, start generating income again and feel secure. You don't have to stress about completing your endless to-do list. If you take on a part of it rather than doing all of this on your own, your work will go much better.

So ask yourself, “What is the most important 5% of the work I have to do?” ask. Once you've done this, it remains to find a way to work as efficiently as possible.

 Create a “self-appointment” time.

Have you ever had a great new idea pop up in your mind? Well, in the middle of this enlightenment in your mind, has this idea ever slipped out of your mind because someone was talking to you?

This is absolutely frustrating and often happens in work environments where people talk and communicate with each other in public. Communication is very important for the future of your business, but you must spend your energy carefully to work efficiently in the 5% of your business.

That's why I have a "date with myself" time every morning. By doing this, I create a period of time where I will work in the most efficient and best way during the day, where no one bothers me. In this way, I can brainstorm about the roadmap of my business and develop the strategies that will make the most money, in the 5% that belong to me.

What happens to the remaining 95 percent?

So far you have used your personal time and energy for the success of your business. So what about the other work that needs to be done? The solution is to hire the right people for the right positions and delegate the work to the employees.

However, entrepreneurs have a bit of a hard time with this because they are not good at allocating work among employees. And besides, they want to take care of everything and everything themselves. But here's the thing: it's more advantageous to pay someone to do it than to spend your precious time on things that will be done by other people. Educate your team members well about your standards, then trust them to handle the 95% that needs to be done.

This sense of trust gives you both time and energy. With this additional time and energy, innovative ideas turn into profitable ventures. This is even easier when you build your routine around your most productive hours of the day. When you follow these steps, you will be amazed at the growth rate of your business.

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