Global Branding: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners -

Global Branding: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

Global Branding: Create A Brand That Crosses Borders.


Surely, if you entered to read this article, you want to know about Global Branding. But, before thinking about its global reach, do you know what branding is? If you know, we'd still like to refresh you on some ideas before moving on.

Branding and brand management is the identity management of a particular brand to make it known to a certain audience, aiming it becomes attractive and awaken the rational and emotional desire of consumers. 

So, as you are surely assuming, the concept of Global Branding aims at expanding the reach of a certain brand identity beyond the local markets in which it usually moves.

In most cases, these are the companies' home communities. But, with globalization and the internationalization of markets, today it is possible to think of a global presence of a brand.

Now, in the next few paragraphs, we will tell you everything you need to know about Global Branding and how to start applying it in the best way.

1. What is Global Branding?

2. Global Branding: Main Challenges at the International Level.

2.1. Cultural understanding.

2.2. Legal aspects.

2.3. Economic situation.

2.4. Greater Risks.

3. Benefits of Global Branding.

3.1. Increase Brand Reach and Value.

3.2. New Growth Opportunities.

3.3. Time and Cost Reduction.

4. Tips for Implementing Global Branding

4.1. Develop a Strong Identity

4.2. Create a Comprehensive Strategy

4.3. Investigate the Various Markets

4.4. Study Local Consumers

5. Global Branding: 3 Success Stories.

5.1. Crown.

5.2. Airbnb.

5.3. Spotify.

6. Conclusion.

What is Global Branding?

There is no secret behind this concept, especially if you already know what traditional branding implies. As we have already said, it is about expanding your brand to international markets where it was not previously present.

This has to do with the possibilities presented by the constant expansion of capitalism and the media since the last decades of the century and, with even greater force, in these first decades of the 21st century.

Global Branding has to do with the planning of communication strategies regarding how your brand wants to be seen in the world, always keeping in mind the particularities of each place when generating the same identity that it already has in the different international scenarios. 

In every new place you try to reach, there will be new consumers who probably don't know anything about your products, how you sell them, the years of experience behind your company. Therefore, it is important that you can show your value proposition, which you already know exhaustively, to those who still do not know about you.

In this sense, it will be essential that you have a team capable of designing marketing strategies that are very clear about which components of your brand identity should be kept as they always have been and which should be modified to adapt to a new region.

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Global Branding: Main Challenges at the International Level.

In the exclusive field of words, what Global Branding implies is undoubtedly extremely attractive, but in fact, the truth is that it is not a simple implementation.

The main challenges that we can mention are the particularities of the local culture in which you are trying to develop your business, the law of that place, its economic situation, and, surely, the greater risk that expansion implies in front of a new audience.

We will develop these aspects further below.

1. Cultural understanding.

Global Branding: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

This may be one of the most underestimated aspects but we can assure you that it is one of the most relevant. Keep in mind that, at the beginning of your business and the development of your brand, the audience you were targeting was well known, and, most likely, your products were directed directly towards them.

Whereas with international expansion, it may happen that you meet individuals who see the world in a completely different way.

It is very important, when thinking about a Global Branding strategy, to know in depth the culture and characteristics of the people of the new region in which you decide to bet. This will define the type of approach to that audience and even the adaptation of what you offer.

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2. Legal aspects.

In addition to the above, necessarily, since it represents a great cultural aspect, the issue of the laws of the new places appears. Everyone knows that the laws are not the same in one country as in another.

When thinking about a global marketing strategy, it is essential to be aware of the laws of the area in which you want to expand. This will largely define your planning when expanding.

Think, for example, of the tobacco law in Argentina, where it is mandatory to mention on the labels the different harmful effects that cigarettes can cause. If this is not the case in your country, probably when you seek to expand in a country like Argentina, this law will directly impact your business and your brand image.

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3. Economic Situation.

In the same way, the current economic situation of the place where you want to expand will be a great influence on your strategy. This will regulate your costs and your sales prices, as well as the marketing plans that you are going to implement.

On the other hand, you should pay attention to a trend that has been growing in recent years: the higher valuation of the local economy. This, a priority, may seem like an impossible restriction, since this higher valuation points directly to international brands. However, with intelligence, this may not be so damaging.

To face this, it is important that your Global Branding strategy is one that respects the forms of each region and that does not pretend to impose itself with logic and market forms that are not those of the place.

4. Greater Risks.

Global Branding: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

For all that has been said in the previous paragraphs, it is evident that thinking about an expansion of your brand implies greater risks for your business.

Any growth that you project will do it, but considering an unknown place, consumers with whom you have never connected, and the uncertainty of knowing if your products are going to be received as they are in your place of origin, can terrify anyone.

But do not worry about more, all this can be solved with anticipation, information and good planning of your movements in the new place. A successful Global Branding will be one that follows steps based on the knowledge of experts, who develop a strategic plan for the presentation of your brand in the world.

Benefits of Global Branding.

At this point, regardless of the difficulties that its implementation may cause, the benefits of Global Branding are definite. Among the many that we can mention, below we will look at three that we believe will make you seriously think about starting to develop your brand beyond the borders of your region.

1. Increase Brand Reach and Value.

Global Branding: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

The main and most obvious of the benefits are exactly what is in the fundamentals of Global Branding, the increase in the reach and value of your brand. To analyze this, we propose a very simple exercise.

Think of two brands that you know, one that belongs to the local market and one to the international one. You've done it? Well, now think of an imaginary individual from another part of the world and ask yourself what are the chances that he knows one and what are the chances that he knows the other.

Then, without underestimating the value of local markets, think in general which of these two brands is considered to be of greater relevance or, even, which has greater sales. The idea is not to oppose the local market versus the international market but to think about everything that a greater scope can give you.

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2. New Growth Opportunities.

Expansion into new markets, the growth that this implies, also means the possibility of new opportunities to continue growing. Imagine that you start to develop your brand in a certain country, you are doing well, your brand identification grows and your sales begin to rise. In this scenario, thinking that the success you are having can resonate elsewhere in the region is not unreasonable.

In this way, the expansion of your brand in a certain place can mean the gateway to a market larger than a single country.

For example, you may be thinking of a global marketing strategy because your product is designed for the Hispanic audience; But once you have been successful there, your brand also begins to be recognized in neighboring countries such as France, America. And then maybe you can start developing your brand for those markets.

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3. Time and Cost Reduction.

Finally, the internationalization of your brand and the possibility of expanding into other markets can mean optimizing your business times and reducing costs.

The expenses and delays that you could previously have in shipments and the transfer of personnel to other latitudes, with a successful Global Branding campaign that in addition to recognizing your brand implies your effective presence in those new regions, can be considerably reduced.

Tips for Implementing Global Branding.

Now that you know what Global Branding consists of, what are its main challenges and the benefits it can bring to your business, we want to share with you a series of tips so that you can start working on your marketing with international projection.

1. Develop a Strong Identity.

The main thing, before thinking about expanding your branding, is to have a solid and consistent one. It is essential that you have a clear idea of ​​what your values ​​are, what is the vision of the world with which you handle yourself, and the precise objectives that you want to develop. Otherwise, there will be nothing you can successfully expand.

But do not forget that, although those elements that make up your identity must be solid so as not to be affected by your expansion in different markets, they must also have some flexibility to achieve a better adaptation to audiences that do not yet know them.

2. Create a Comprehensive Strategy.

Once you have developed a solid identity, which represents what you believe in and what defines you, it is important that this is the one that marks the path of your subsequent movements. Who you are will define how you want to show yourself to others.

Your brand identity is what will allow you to think about planning specific strategies that represent the objectives you are aiming for. In addition, it will also determine the ways of monitoring and analyzing the performance of those strategies. Consistency between all the aspects that your business works according to its identity is essential.

3. Investigate the Various Markets.

Global Branding: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

This may be obvious, and in some way, we have mentioned it in the previous paragraphs, but it seems important to highlight it. Although the idea of ​​Global Branding is to publicize your brand, it is very important that you carry out a study of those markets you are targeting to know their particularities.

Even in the same field, the markets in different countries can vary substantially and it is important that you have as much as possible about these particularities in order to better develop your global marketing strategies.

4. Study Local Consumers.

Finally, related to the previous point, it is essential that you carry out studies on the behavior of local consumers. Because it is never about imposing your brand in other places, but about seeing how you can make it known so that it has good acceptance and your business grows.

Just as the markets will finish defining your strategies, in the same way the people who move within them also influence the way you communicate the identity of your brand.

Remember, thinking about the customer and their experience will always be a good strategy to achieve a profitable business. If we think about the type of expansion that Global Branding supposes, it is impossible to think about not taking consumers into account.

Global Branding: 3 Success Stories.

In closing, we want to share with you three success stories of well-known brands that implemented their brand expansion plans.

1. Crown.

Global Branding: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

We are sure that if we mention the image of a beer bottle and a small slice of lime in the spout, you will know what brand we are talking about. Corona is a formidable example of how a local business has managed to expand globally through brand recognition.

Born in Mexico in 1925, this beer is marketed in more than 180 countries. Its marketing strategy aims at the establishment of an affable climate, of enjoyment, celebration, and shared good moments that have managed to penetrate deeply in much of the world.

2. Airbnb.

Global Branding: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

This temporary hosting platform is another clear example of the success that a good Global Marketing strategy can bring. With a very strong identity, characterized by accommodation provided by informal guests, this brand has managed to become operational practically all over the world.

In a niche market like tourism, thinking about a global marketing strategy seems to be the right option for growing a business.

3. Spotify.

Global Branding: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

Born in Sweden, today everyone, regardless of whether they use it or not, knows what Spotify is. Currently, this brand operates in around 25 countries around the globe. Their relatively cheap subscription business model based on the amount of content available has a lot to do with this, but above all with the identity, they have managed to transmit and their power to reach different local markets.

Of course, not all the music that exists is available on Spotify, but it seems that it is. That, added to the possibility of programming listening lists and constantly discovering new music, has made a deep impression on audiences of all ages and from different countries.


We hope that after all the information we share with you in this article, you no longer have any doubts about all that Global Branding can bring to your business.

Do not forget, to do so, the fundamental thing is to have a solid identity but that has the ability to adapt to the different scenarios that you are interested in conquering.

Today, the whole world is the window of your brand. You just have to think of a good strategy to show yourself and expand your business.

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