Top 17 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

Ways to Make Money With Drone.


 In the world of drones, everything seems to be beginning to gain common sense and, above all, that this sector is beginning to mature and open a gap in the industrial fabric.

 It is clear that drones, in addition to small pieces of technology, are tools that will go hand in hand in the development of the industry in the coming years. 

That is why we wanted to create this post in which we touch on some of the most common uses of drones in different sectors. 

Some of these uses are still very unknown, others are already more developed, but in a few years, we will see how all the professional opportunities with drones that we talk about in this article are totally generalized and widespread. 

Drones today;

  • It can take amazing videos and photos in 4k quality.
  • Thanks to the GPS and autopilot feature, the drones can easily fly on predetermined routes.

  • With Bluetooth and wi-fi features, real-time image transfer is made. In other words, the pilot flying the drone can instantly see the images on his smartphone.

  • Through the active tracking system, drones can track a specified moving object.

  • Thanks to the warning system for accidents and adverse weather conditions, drones can land on their own.

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These features are being developed every day and new features are added.  So if you are thinking about professional use of your drone or a new job opportunity, read this article to the end because it will surely give you new ideas or perspectives to have a clearer focus on the future of this sector. 

1. Drone Photography.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

When there was no such thing as drones in our lives, it was necessary to take off huge helicopters and gliders for aerial photography. This was also extremely expensive for various reasons.

Today, however, it has become very easy to shoot from the air thanks to a 3-4 hundred $ drone. Thanks to high-definition cameras, taking videos and photos from the sky has become something even children can do.

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Since viewing the earth in a bird's-eye view also increases the production quality of the video and work, there is a high demand from customers in this field.

2. Security.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

Drones can also be used very well for home and commercial security issues. The drone can capture live video of a place and send that image to smartphones in real-time.

From a safety and security point of view, drones can also be greatly benefited from in the security systems industry.

For example, drones can act as a very good precaution in matters such as fire, avalanche, landslide.

In this respect, drones have a solid future as a precautionary tool against human and natural disasters such as theft, fire, attack, avalanche, landslide, and flood.

3. Search & Rescue.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

Drones have been the biggest assistant of search and rescue organizations in recent years. Drones, which can take off instantly and are extremely economical, rather than high-cost and not always ready vehicles such as helicopters, play a major role in the exploration of inaccessible areas in search and rescue activities.

Considering that helicopters can fly at certain altitudes, drones can easily fly up to the desired altitude; When equipped with night vision and infrared cameras, they can detect creatures that show signs of life while in the air.

Thanks to the drones, which can leave emergency supplies in areas that cannot be reached by conventional methods, the lives of many people and living things have been saved today.

In this respect, to be a drone operator for search and rescue operations; Selling and renting drones and drone equipment in this regard can both provide you with a good financial return and you will also get spiritual pleasure from this business as you provide a benefit to humanity.

4. Building Inspection.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

A building inspection can be a costly business at times. For example, climbing on the roof of a tall building in person can be both dangerous and costly. Thanks to drone technology, it has become very economical to control the roofs and chimneys of buildings.

Recording structures from the sky with photos and videos; Drones have become popular in the building inspection industry, with the ability to deliver high-resolution material and zoom.

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In addition to these, drones are also used for inspection works that involve some dangers for people to do. To observe the status of structures such as bridges, radio transmitters, water pipelines, power lines, solar panels, wind turbines, drones offer economical solutions that prioritize life safety.

In short, if you have experience in the construction and inspection sector, you can invest in the "building inspection with drone" business. You can perform such a service as an additional job, or you can do a full-time building inspection with a drone, depending on demand. 

5. Pipe and Power Line Inspection.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

Various companies include commercial aircraft such as airplanes and helicopters; They used it to inspect hundreds of kilometers of power lines, towers, stations, oil and gas pipelines. Drones are now being replaced by larger aircraft to make these routine inspections cheaper, which can be dangerous for pilots and observers.

6. Agricultural Observation.
Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

Drone technology is also bringing agricultural activities to the brink of a great revolution. Collectively observing crops from the sky saves farmers from many expense items and creates big data.

Drones provide extremely useful data on the structure of the soil, irrigation needs and productivity, and pest surveillance. Drones, which are also used to decide when to harvest crops, are thus a very useful tool in terms of harvesting efficiency and maximum efficiency.

7. Underwater Observation.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

Some drones can move underwater instead of in the sky. It is possible to buy underwater drones, which have been on the market for years and are very expensive, at more reasonable prices today.

In other words, 7-8 years ago, an underwater drone was 5000 dollars, but today you can buy a drone that performs the same function for 1000 dollars.

Equipped with lighting devices, underwater drones can instantly transmit what is happening in the depths of the sea and ocean to a computer and smartphone screen in high-resolution quality.

This provides many conveniences in areas such as environmental assessment and observation, search & rescue, water pollution, submarine research, and even international law.

8. Cartography and Topography.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

There is a great interest in drones in the field of cartography. It is no longer necessary to employ large numbers of personnel to measure large areas. Today, a drone can do the 3-day job of 5 map technicians in 2 hours.

Drones, which can measure the 3D cartographic information of the area to be measured via GPS, offer revolutionary conveniences to many sectors such as cartography, archeology, construction, and forest management with a 1-2 centimeter margin of error.

9. Drone Repair and Training.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

Even though drones provide such convenience, they are still sensitive devices. The repair of drones that have fallen or crashed as a result of abuse has also become an industry in itself.

If you are an expert in drones and have experience in electronic repair, if you are open to improvement in this field, you can enter the drone repair business.

In addition to all these, it is possible to earn money by renting and buying, and selling equipment such as night vision cameras, infrared cameras, lighting accessories added to drones.

It's not over… Above all, if you are experienced in drone operation, you can train for this job.

For example, you can organize a 15-hour course such as "drone operator in terms of building inspection", and you can earn money by presenting your knowledge to people.

10. Wedding Videos.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

Capturing unique aerial images from various angles is something only certain drones can do. And this business has now become one of the favorite services of newly married couples. Outdoor wedding venues usually have very beautiful views, and drones can take advantage of this view to shoot more beautiful and special videos than ever before.

11. Holiday and Hotel Advertising.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

Similar to the real estate videos above, what more could a drone provide an aerial view of a hotel's excellent location and wonderful facilities?

It is a fact that in some periods when hotels and resorts try to attract customers by advertising, those offering unique video images have a larger market share and attract more customers than others.

12. Sports and Event Cameraman.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

This is a new area of ​​use where drones record sporting events from the air. We have witnessed drones being used in many events, from the Olympics to the Boston Marathon. No event cannot be recorded from the air in any city, region, or country.

13. Real Estate Videos.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

This may be the best opportunity for entrepreneurs with experience in flying drones. Realtors realized that low-altitude footage shot by drones helped them sell properties and homes quickly. In addition, real estate agents working with UAV video companies also state that their customers are increasing.

14. News Broadcast.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

Drones are increasingly being used by journalists and those who want to broadcast news. There are some well-known examples where small drones are used to receive broadcasts from areas of conflict, war, civil unrest, accident, and disaster.

 UAVs allow journalists to report from a safe distance from dangerous situations and can also reach the area much faster and less costly than a helicopter typically used commercially. Yes, those who take pictures of celebrities now use small drones.

15. Small-Scale Video Sites.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

Many entrepreneurs can offer a variety of services and performances shot by drone on small-scale video exchange websites. Customers are purchasing creative and personalized video services that are used to send private messages to their family, friends, and customers, as well as for marketing and promotion.

 Video footage shot using drones has not yet become widespread on such sites. With a little creativity, you can offer unique drone video services for birthdays, get well soon, congratulations, URL promotion, brand awareness.

16. Filming.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

Filmmakers realized that well-equipped drones, capable of carrying cameras used in cinema, were a more convenient and versatile option for better shooting a variety of scenes, compared to similar vehicles such as a camera-mounted crane for filming.

17. Disaster Relief.

Top 15 Solid Ways to Make Money With Drone & Boost Your Income.

Drones continue to provide real-time video footage for residential areas that are badly affected by natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes and where access by land is impossible.

 Today, disaster management and emergency response authorities in Central America have hired several UAV pilots to provide them with help and support after several very strong earthquakes.

 Drones are still in use at the site of the Daiichi nuclear power plant, which began melting three years ago in Fukushima, Japan. Radiation in this region poses a serious threat to humans and scientists who have to work in this area. 

 As mentioned above, larger drone systems are also used by humanitarian organizations to safely deliver medicine, food, and water to victims who cannot be reached.

Please Note.

This article is designed to appeal to readers from all regions. In some regions, drone flights may be prohibited and restricted, or you may be asked for a certificate for the flight. We recommend that you pay attention to this issue.

 In addition, issues related to human safety are not discussed in this article, but this is definitely an issue that should be considered in UAV flights. Vehicles may injure people during flight or collide with other UAVs flying in the same airspace. Please always keep your own and others' safety in mind first and foremost.

We know that flying with drones can be a bit controversial, especially when it comes to safety and regulations, but it is possible to make money legally without inconveniencing anyone.

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